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Trump Campaign Says It Has Evidence of Voter Fraud — It's Time to Put up or Shut Up

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The Decision Desk HQ (prematurely) called the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden on Friday. The Trump campaign is alleging all kinds of voter fraud, but short of some bad behavior, like messing with poll watchers and telling them where they can stand, we haven’t seen any hard evidence. We sure feel like we know what happened here and it would be nice to have the proof. But proof is hard to come by when it’s election fraud.

Once the mail-in and absentee ballots are separated from their envelopes, there’s no way to know where they came from. Voter fraud has been happening for a very long time, but it’s not “widespread.” Texas got all its 11 million votes counted and its returns submitted with no problems whatsoever. So did most of the country. What we do have is a system that ensures people who want to cheat can do it rather easily while there’s no proof it was done. It’s genius.

We’ve confused our voting system so badly with early voting and several different ways to vote (computer, ballot harvesting, paper ballot, punch cards, mail-in) that there is ample opportunity for individual counties in important swing states to increase the number of votes substantially without anyone knowing or being able to prove it.

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But Trump should have seen this coming. We’ve been watching the blatant irregularities for years. Remember Brenda Snipes in Broward County? The Sun Sentinal does. You only need a few precincts like this to sway an election your way. It doesn’t have to be widespread. We can identify the worst suspects right now: Clark County, Nev., Broward County, Fla. (which was not a problem this year but should still be audited), Cook County, Ill., Detroit, Mich., Phoenix, Ariz., and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I may have missed a couple but off the top of my head, those are places we know have had problems in the past but no one ever does anything about it.

And the main reason no one ever does anything is that voter fraud is really hard to prove. We all see the secretive and weird behavior of ballot counters, we question where all these new ballots are coming from days after the election when the whole damn country has already turned in all their votes, we see poll watchers being thrown out of polling places, but nothing is ever done. None of these places are ever investigated. Congress has made no laws strengthening our election process. If you know this is happening but you do nothing about it, how am I supposed to be upset for you? There’s no excuse. Our election process hasn’t been reformed in all these many years that this has been going on. Our leaders must want it like this and I’m including the GOP. They had control of the House and the Senate in the ’90s and could have fixed this. They didn’t. They did nothing.

If the Trump campaign does not have hard evidence they can kiss it goodbye. What are they waiting for if they have it: Biden’s second term? If you have it, release it and let’s get this sorted out. But if there is no evidence, you just got rolled by the Democrats…knowing they would do this. Winners get evidence. And frankly, if Republicans are too stupid to have set up safeguards, put insiders in these places, or had any plan to stop the usual shenanigans then they deserve to lose.

All I’ve seen so far are irregularities and bad behavior. I can’t determine what happened or if anything can be done about it now. No one is going to care about it except Republicans. There are some things that can and should be litigated such as a judge allowing votes to be counted for three more days in Pennsylvania when the legislature is supposed to legislate election law but the courts decided to do it for them. But is that fraud? Or is that just another blow to our election processes, like early voting and not verifying voters with photo ID, both of which were done through legal means? Court decisions are the definition of legal means. (That’s not to say courts can’t act illegally and that’s why it can and will be litigated.)

Any place where vote tallies are within the margin for a recount should be recounted. We should use all available means to make sure that the votes were legally cast. But I don’t like hearing Trump and his campaign shouting “fraud” from the rooftops without providing the evidence.

Also, videos of random election place activities are not evidence of fraud. Yes, it appears that some people are sitting at a table and filling out ballots. But we don’t know what they are doing. They could be duplicating damaged ballots or those might not even be ballots. So if someone is going to allege that they were filling out ballots illegally, then show the evidence. I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the minute that the Trump campaign is not coming out with substantial evidence to shut up Brian Williams, who is repeatedly calling Trump a liar, as are all the other news media people like Jim Acosta.

If you could shut this down with evidence you would, wouldn’t you? What are you waiting for? I don’t doubt that fraud happened in this election as it does in every election. But without proof, it won’t matter.

The game the media and Democrats are playing is working. They aren’t wrong to demand evidence of voter fraud if that’s what you are alleging. Rumors and unexplained videos aren’t going to cut it. The media will not report any credible allegations of fraud even if it exists. They’re going to continue denying it until enough people in the country believe them. The media have proven they can suppress valid stories even when there is a mountain of evidence showing their veracity, such as the Hunter Biden laptop story, or they can amplify any fake stories such as the “Fine People Hoax” and make you believe it’s true. They own the narrative. It’s going to take some kind of nuclear bomb of evidence to break that hold. A fight between poll watchers and poll workers in one precinct isn’t going to be that bomb.

I strongly encourage the GOP to come out with their dossier showing the evidence that there was election fraud. Without that, this thing is over and we should move forward without putting the country through more agony. And no matter what outcome we have here, we need to address the failings in our voting system immediately and without delay or there will be no point in ever voting in such an illegitimate system again.

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