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The Madman! Trump's Epic Final Push Before Election Includes Five Rallies Across Four States in One Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Trump is a tireless campaigner with the energy of a man half his age. While Joe Biden was probably sleeping, the 74-year-old president of the United States held five rallies all over this nation on Monday starting in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was greeted by huge crowds at every stop.

Then he was off to Scranton, Pa., where the president took his message of “America first” directly to the people. The excitement from the people at the rallies is unmistakable. There is no comparison to the “rallies” Joe Biden has been having every once in a while with a dozen people sitting awkwardly in socially-distanced circles. Trump’s rallies are jam-packed and overflowing with people who would walk through a blizzard to get there. Many of them stood in the cold for hours just to see him.

The president boarded Air Force One and took off heading to Traverse City, Mich., where another fired-up and enormous crowd greeted the president, vice president, and second lady.

Even though President Trump does these rallies daily, he never seems like he’s in a rush and each crowd always gets a great show with him vamping for over an hour. Trump is so good at keeping the crowd entertained and having fun. While his topics are the same for each rally, he rarely repeats himself, telling different jokes and different stories when he goes off-script.

And it wouldn’t be a truly great rally unless there was a Trump troll for the media.

After Traverse City, Trump headed off to Kenosha, Wisc., a city that was the target of domestic terrorists over the summer when Black Lives Matter and antifa set it on fire over alleged police brutality. The people of Kenosha were dealt a hard blow and the president was there to assure them that law and order will be followed in America in a Trump administration.

The sound system wasn’t working so well and the president had to use a handheld microphone. Much hilarity ensued with the poor sound man having a panic attack for most of it. You can read how that went down in my (very long) live-tweet thread on Twitter.

The handheld microphone seemed to make Trump funnier than usual. I enjoyed it.

The whole Trump family made an appearance at the Kenosha rally and expressed their love for America and her people.

After saying goodbye to Kenosha, the president made his way to the last Trump Rally of 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It makes me a little sad that I wasn’t able to get to a rally and this one is the last one—maybe ever. It’s hard to imagine a world without Trump rallies. I’m not sure I want to.

Mike Pence took the stage first while Trump was still in the air. Pence is such a pro. He is not only a wonderful orator, but he is a steadfast man full of faith who loves this country and has made us proud as the vice president of the United States. Pence was full of confidence. You could tell he thinks they’re going to win. “This doesn’t look like second place,” he said to the massive crowd.

His best line of the night was this one (at 9:38): “The swamp was a little deeper than we thought it was, but we’re draining it though. We found the plug and we’re going to pull it tomorrow.” But the whole speech he made was wonderful.

Trump finally took the stage at midnight, an hour and a half off-schedule, but the crowd was overjoyed to see him. Even after four hours of talking to crowds all over the country, Trump appeared his usual boisterous and energetic self. Trump gets stronger as the night gets longer and the energy of the crowds seems to work on him like a drug. He never seems tired.

Trump really went after the swamp-dwellers for what they did to him with the Russia hoax and other outrages. If it isn’t treason to try to remove an innocent president from office with illegal spying and falsification of FISA warrants, what is it?

It drives the left crazy that the president is innocent of all their trumped-up false charges. It also drives them batty that we love him and find him hilarious.

Whatever happens on Election Day, no one could say a president ever worked harder than President Trump to get reelected. Much like 2016 when Hillary Clinton couldn’t be bothered to go to Michigan while Trump did rally after rally, Sleepy Joe Biden is nowhere to be found. When the Democrats look back on the election of 2020, do you think they’ll regret making that same choice to be lackadaisical about gathering support and energizing the base when it came down to the bitter end? I do. “This is not the crowd of someone who is going to lose the state of Michigan,” said Trump. “You can’t even see the end of it.”