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4 Reasons Trump Is Going to Win FOUR MORE YEARS!

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

This is it! It’s the last moment to reflect on all that has happened since 2016 before we move forward into the unknown of the 2020 election that will be decided tomorrow. Or will it? Facebook has been telling me for weeks now that if I hear a winner declared in tomorrow’s heavyweight championship fight between the lion in the White House and the rat in the basement, it will be fake news! We can’t possibly know who won this very contentious election, they say, until the Ministry of Truth declares it. This, of course, means you’re supposed to ignore your lying eyes and just swallow whatever the media tells you to swallow—and like it!

But I have a way of getting through these things that is far more accurate than trusting any poll or social media tyrant. I use the senses that God gave me. The Democrats’ entire playbook is based on getting you to ignore your senses and just rely on their highly filtered information gurus in the media outlets they own. But do you feel that something is amiss? A few days ago I was sitting in front of my computer scanning Twitter and I started laughing with uncontrollable joy. I don’t even remember what it was that sparked it because there are so many things, but my senses all agreed that the Trump Train is chugging full steam ahead to another four years and there isn’t a thing in the world Democrats can do to stop it.

Could I be wrong? Sure. And if so, I’ll happily admit it and move on to bring you all the news that happens in a Biden administration. But let’s examine why my senses are screaming “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” in unison.

1.The rallies

We’ve all heard the Democrat excuses for why Joe Biden can’t fill all twelve of his socially-distant circles. “Democrats are more responsible than you and are protecting people from the dreaded Chinese plague!” is the most popular. But is that true? If the event was in support of BLM, not one Democrat would accuse the attendees of murdering their neighbors or of being superspreaders. And what about those tens of thousands of people who hit the streets for BLM? Why don’t they show up to Biden events and call it a protest? Even when Biden had drive-in rallies, Trump supporters across the street were able to drown them out. Why didn’t Democrats show up to a rally where they were completely encased in their cars? That’s “safe” according to the rules…so where were they? Biden has more Trump supporters show up to his rallies than his own people.

Here’s a photo of Biden’s Georgia drive-in rally. This is supposed to make people think he has tons of support. If there are 200 cars, I’d be surprised.

Compare that to the Georgia rally the president just had. Is there any possibility that the support for these two candidates is nearly equal? If Trump decided to do drive-in rallies, is there any doubt 30,000 cars would be lined up across the state to get to it? This is not about the coronavirus. It’s about one candidate having the actual support of millions of Americans who feel deeply connected to him and another candidate who is just a place-filler for people who hate Trump. Voting because you hate someone isn’t nearly as motivating as getting to vote for someone you love, and this is nothing but love.

No Democrat can turn out those numbers, not even Barack Obama himself, who has found himself standing on an empty sidewalk yelling at six people through a bullhorn he doesn’t need. Where’s the excitement for Democrats? I don’t see it and I believe my eyes.

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2. Ground game

The Democrats’ secret weapon in every election is their awesome ground game. They’ve had it. We needed it. That’s been a huge problem for Republicans in every election until now. All of a sudden, the Democrats are more worried about virtue-signaling how responsible they are than knocking on doors. In fact, in Austin, Texas, Dems are refusing to walk the precincts! And they are doing this while the Republicans are killing it on the ground walking door-to-door and gathering more Democrat support for Republicans than they’ve ever had before. God bless, stay home, that’s cool with me, but what the heck are they thinking? I thought masks worked? So mask up and walk the precinct! Democrats staying home is only going to benefit Trump.

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3. The overwhelming positivity, goodwill, and joyfulness of Trump fans

The media wants you to believe that Trump’s Deplorables are dangerous and scary. But that’s not what we are actually seeing. In fact, in the recent hit on Trump fans, the media is pushing a lie that the Texas Trump caravan was acting dangerously and trying to intimidate and run the Biden bus off the road in an epic troll move that anyone with eyes can see was neither dangerous nor illegal. Somehow the FBI is now investigating it, which makes complete sense since we know the FBI is corrupt and biased against Trump. But video on the ground and police reports say the Texas caravan was simply following the rules of the road and had every right to drive near the Biden bus. And it was the best Trump troll of the whole election season.

Police Say Biden Staffer Vehicle May Have Been at Fault in Texas Trump Truck Incident

Worse, some Biden staffer said a truck rammed her car, which kicked off the media hysteria and allegations that the caravan was dangerous and violent. Another staffer said he had to call 911 repeatedly. Reports say police on the scene told callers there was no need for their involvement.

Video seems to show that the woman claiming to be a victim actually ran into a truck by trying to change lanes when she didn’t have the right of way. I would pay money to listen to Jesse Kelly’s reaction to this video.

In what universe do you merge into another vehicle and then claim the person who was in the lane you entered hit you? (In the Democrat universe, I guess.) Thank God everyone is always filming these days or we might not have ever known what happened and believed the lies the Biden people peddle.

Video evidence keeps proving that Trump supporters are not terrible people. In fact, it keeps proving that the Democrats lying about them ARE! What are you going to believe? The media or your own eyes? I’ve been to many events surrounded by fellow Trumpers. At every event, the crowd was overwhelmingly joyful, positive, welcoming, helpful, and responsible. They take extra precautions to clean up after themselves, passing garbage bags around, and making sure people have water to drink. These are nice people. And the media lies are wearing thin. In all the rallies this election season that saw tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered together there wasn’t one report of shootings, lootings, or setting anything on fire. You cannot say the same for any of the Democrat riots going on all summer long. People are not stupid. We can see what’s real.

4. Everyone hates the lockdown (including, maybe most of all, suburban women)

If the Democrats think that virtue-signaling white women who live in the suburbs are going to save them they’re crazy. They might tell people they support Joe Biden, but if any of those women are paying attention to the violence creeping their way they will not vote for more of it when no one is looking. Not only is the threat of violence to their property or families motivating suburban women to consider voting against Democrats but the real issue for them is the lockdown. Suburban women are suffering under school shut-downs more than anyone else in America and they hate it. If I know anything about these women (and I do) they are pissed off that they’re no longer free to get lattes with the girls or go to yoga classes.

These are women whose entire existence revolves around Orange Theory classes and the long uninterrupted break in their day that comes with kids in school—no judgment, I feel them. Mothering is hard work. And when your life gets turned upside down and suddenly you’re supposed to be mommy and teacher and still hold down a job, and the Democrats keep telling you it’s going to be another year of this insanity, you’re not voting for that. Those women would rather die from coronavirus than continue living like this. They won’t tell anyone this, though. They will continue to post photos of themselves “homeschooling” happily and masking and even put out Biden signs in the yard. But they aren’t going to follow through. They want to go back to yoga and everybody knows that isn’t happening with Biden.

What are your instincts telling you? Mine says it’s all over and the only thing left to do is vote and sit back and watch as the tsunami of tears from our enemies sweeps the nation from coast to coast while the rest of us chuckle.

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