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Trump's Funniest Moments During the Grudge Match Debate

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

George Stephanopoulos called the first debate between Joe Biden and President Trump “the worst presidential debate I’ve ever seen,” but I rather liked it. Frankly, the only thing that made it bad, in my opinion, was Chris Wallace trying to moderate. Why do we need moderators for debates? I think it would be better to just let the candidates ask each other the questions they want answered and let them go. Fight it out!

Every time the debate seemed to be getting into something good, Wallace would jump in to demand that all the fun stop immediately—and then force us to eat our vegetables.

But we don’t want peas, Chris. We want a grudge match. We want UFC-style slugging it out that leaves bruises we’ll all be talking about for weeks to come. Those of you wringing your hands about how “mean” and “unprofessional” it was are liars. You loved it, but you don’t want anyone to know that. It was entertaining as heck.

Despite Wallace’s best attempts, the president still got some good Trumpisms in. Here are a few of Trump’s funniest moments:

Masks aren’t stupid per se, but Joe Biden looks really dumb in his.

Trump went on the attack to throw Joe off-balance and boy, did he…

When you can’t pack an arena, blame it on COVID!

Trump always has double duty: debate the candidate AND the moderator!

Not to insult you, but you really shouldn’t use the word smart…

What was your favorite jab of the evening? How did you think the candidates did? Personally, I was surprised that Biden made it to the end without a bathroom break. Other than that, nothing about it surprised me. I expected to see these guys duke it out. The real loser was Chris Wallace, who interrupted the president every time he tried to finish a thought while allowing Biden extra time. I’m tired of watching Trump have to debate both the moderator and the candidate and because of that, I say it’s time to eliminate the moderator entirely.

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