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Five Reasons Laura Loomer Will Be the Best Congresswoman of All Time

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All right, maybe it’s an overstatement that Laura Loomer will be the greatest congresswoman of all time. I might be getting a little ahead of myself. After all, she hasn’t been elected…yet. But if she is, the chances of her being the greatest swamp wrecker in history are pretty high.

If you are not familiar with Laura Loomer, she’s a 27-year-old firebrand who started out as an investigative journalist trained by James O’Keefe. She traveled the country destroying the left in ways that would have made Andrew Breitbart cry tears of joy and pride. Her guerilla journalism is part performance art, part hidden camera antics, and 100% awesome. There isn’t a Swamp-dweller living who hasn’t been Loomered from James Comey to Hillary Clinton. This woman has cojones the size of watermelons. She never shuts up, never backs down, never takes no for an answer, and confronts corruption head-on and on camera.

Here are the top reasons I think the election of Laura Loomer, who just won her primary in Donald Trump’s district in Florida, could be the greatest thing to happen to America since the Sons of Liberty trashed Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson’s mansion and drank the entire contents of Stamp Commissioner Andrew Oliver’s wine cellar. If you enjoy that kind of Americanism, then Laura Loomer is your kind of hero.

5. Laura Loomer is “The Squad’s” worst nightmare. Let’s make them co-workers.

Laura Loomer has done more to warn America about the extreme, anti-American group known as “The Squad” than any person in the media. Squad members include far-left socialists Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib among others. Loomer has dogged these subversive members of Congress at every turn. She also broke the story about Omar marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud before anyone else would even acknowledge it was a possibility.

The vacant look on AOC’s face in this next video is priceless.



4. Laura Loomer put illegal aliens on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn. LOL

Laura Loomer is an expert at making Democrats look stupid. Imagine if she can bring this kind of energy to the halls of Congress. I would pay money to see it. Here she is bringing illegal aliens to camp out on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn since Pelosi is against the president’s wall. Pelosi isn’t, however, against her own wall keeping trespassers out.

I don’t have to tell you that Loomer and her illegal friends did not get sanctuary on Pelosi’s lawn. They put up a good effort though and attempted to camp out there. It’s great optics to make the people claiming “everyone is welcome here” kick you off their posh estates surrounded by walls.

She also climbed over Gavin Newsom’s wall wearing a sombrero seeking sanctuary and was arrested. It doesn’t get better than this.


3. Loomer projected every banned conservative on Twitter on Jack Dorsey’s mansion gate and confronted him in front of Congress for CENSORSHIP.
2. Hillary got Loomered

Hillary Clinton isn’t really part of the conversation anymore after her failed presidential run, but this video remains one of my favorites of all time. Loomer asks the questions that no one in the media will ask. That’s why we need her in Congress working for us.


1. Laura Loomer is going to break up Big Tech

Loomer is the most banned and censored woman in America. She has been banned from all the major social media platforms plus Paypal and more. She can’t even order Grub Hub because she can’t submit payments online. Nothing Loomer has ever done should warrant this kind of Chinese-style oppression. Loomer is banned from these platforms for having a bombastic conservative viewpoint, speaking out boldly about radical Islam and other issues. Democrats have labeled her falsely as a racist and a bigot giving cover to these companies to silence her voice. It’s criminal.

But despite being banned all over social media, Loomer managed to pull off an amazing primary win in Florida’s 21st district and she is outraising her opponent, Democrat Lois Frankle whom Loomer has dubbed “Lazy Lois” in Trumpian fashion.

Not only has she been a vocal supporter of breaking up Big Tech, Loomer has also sued the companies that banned her and her lawsuit is moving forward.

Laura Loomer and non-profit organization Freedom Watch brought their case before the District of Columbia (DC) Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday to resurrect their anti-conservative bias lawsuit which accuses Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter of “intentionally and willfully suppress politically conservative content.”

The lawsuit states that these mega tech platforms violated the First Amendment, the Sherman Act (an anti-competitive monopoly law), and DC’s public accommodation law (which prohibits acts performed wholly or partially for a discriminatory reason).

It further argues that Loomer suffered “severe financial injury” as a result of being banned from these platforms and that these tech companies are limiting how many people are shown content from Freedom Watch.

Initially, the suit was dismissed with a DC federal judge finding that it did not present justifiable and legal claims about the social media companies’ alleged political and ideological bias.

However, a DC Circuit Court of Appeals has now agreed to hear the merits of this anti-conservative bias lawsuit.

If elected, Loomer is going to hit the ground, guns drawn, for any private company that has a monopoly on communication and is silencing political speech in America. There is no one else singing this tune in Congress with any serious intent. Most of them are probably taking money from the companies that need regulation.

We need Loomer to bring her unique skills to this issue. Big tech censorship is probably the most damaging threat to conservative thought and free speech in America. If someone doesn’t do something soon, none of us will have a platform. If you agree with me that Laura Loomer is going to be a spectacular congresswoman, then head over to her campaign site and donate to help her get there. Also, tune into my VIP podcast “The Fringe” this week for my exclusive interview with Florida’s next congresswoman from the 21st district.

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