Election 2020

New York Police Union Announces Their Presidential Endorsement

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Police Benevolent Association of New York City has endorsed a candidate for president for the first time in its history—and the lucky recipient is President Donald J. Trump.

According to their website, the NYC PBA is the largest municipal police union in the world, representing the approximately 24,000 sworn NYPD members. After a summer of riots, looting, and calls to defund the police by their own mayor, it seems the police officers have had enough of Democrat leadership.

“Mr. President, we’re fighting for our lives out there and we don’t want this to spread to the rest of the country. We need your strong voice across the country,” said Pat Lynch, president of NYC PBA. “You earned this endorsement.”

Police in NYC have been under siege with no help or backup from the mayor. Members of the NYPD were run over by cars, burned, dragged, shot, and maimed. Meanwhile, not only did the mayor do nothing to stop it, his own daughter joined the rioters.

President Trump joined the police union to accept their endorsement. Watch below:


It seems impossible that the party that encouraged riots and violence and the vilification of police could be even close to winning an election after what they’ve done, but here we are. I would be surprised if every police union in the country doesn’t follow the NYC PBA and endorse the only candidate who isn’t insane for a second term.

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