Election 2020

WaPo Reporter Lets Amy Klobuchar Use Him for a Campaign Prop for Cringeworthy TikTok Video

Screenshot via Twitter video

Every election cycle, presidential hopefuls pull stupid stunts because they think they are funny. They’re not. In today’s example (surely not the last before November) a Washington Post journalist, Dave Jorgenson, starred in a TikTok cringefest with Amy Klobuchar where she throws CVS receipts at his head yelling, “I have the receipts! I have the receipts!” I can only imagine she’s trying to make some point about how bad the Democrats are at counting votes in their own caucuses or something.

Watch… if you can stomach it. Isn’t it amazing how “newspeople” are totally unaware of how biased they are toward Democrats? Not only did Jorgenson take part in this, but he brags about setting it up by collecting CVS receipts for this gag. Democrat presidential candidates have reporters running around doing public relations for them and then talking about it on Twitter. Can you imagine any mainstream news person making a joke video with President Trump? These people are completely blind to their own biases and obvious preferential treatment of Democrats. Not only that, but they’re not funny…which is perhaps the worst part about this stupid thing.

PJ Media’s Jim Treacher nailed it.

November can’t come fast enough.

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