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What Was Buttigieg Thinking Encouraging a Young Boy to Come Out as Gay at His Campaign Event?

Screenshot via Twitter video

This is the weirdest video you will see all year, probably (although with Democrats it’s fairly certain there will be weirder). For some reason, Democrats think of nine-year-olds as sexual beings who not only need to know more sexual knowledge than debauched Roman emperors by the time they get out of kindergarten, but they also think they should be identifying as “gay” or “trans” or “drag” as early as possible. Pete Buttigieg decided it was a good idea to have a nine-year-old child join him on stage at a campaign event in Denver on Saturday to talk about his sexuality.

If you didn’t think the end was near, think again. Most of us are wishing for an asteroid extinction event at this point. The child sent a question to Buttigieg asking him to help him “be brave like you.” Cue endless virtue signaling from clapping weirdos who think it’s totally normal that a 9-year-old is thinking about gay sex.

Nine. This is what the left thinks is a good idea. Sexualizing children. Do you know what I say to my ten-year-old when she tells me she has a crush on a boy? “That’s nice you have a friend, honey,” and then I drop it. I don’t praise her for being heterosexual. I don’t put her on stage and announce to the world that she likes boys.

Even Buttigieg admits that it took him a really long time to “come out,” which makes one wonder, doesn’t this child deserve the same amount of self-reflection and growing-up time before doing this? I have a feeling he’s going to really hate his parents one day for letting this happen.

The responses to the video are fairly encouraging.

Screenshots via Twitter

Of all the political stunts involving children, this one is the most offensive I’ve ever seen. Let’s make childhood great again and stop assigning adult sexual obsessions to minors.

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