Election 2020

Throngs of Supporters Lining Up Hours Ahead of Trump Rally in Arizona

(YouTube screenshot)

There may be a Democrat debate on television Wednesday night, but it looks like the exciting event the public is gearing up for is another Trump rally, this one in Arizona. Crowds are lined up, hours before start time, to get a chance to see the president during the latest of his famous campaign stops, which are ramping up.

President Trump’s crowds only seem to grow bigger at each stop he makes and in each place, a tailgating party atmosphere always livens up the wait. Here are a few videos and photos from Trump supporters waiting for the main event.

I know what I’ll be doing tonight and it won’t include watching old Democrats yelling about how bad America is when there’s a Trump rally happening. You can see live coverage of the event below.

Megan Fox is the author of β€œBelieve Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter