Election 2020

Brutal: Is Joe Biden's New Ad About Mayor Pete Homophobic?

Screenshot via Twitter video

Joe Biden’s campaign has released a brutal new ad highlighting Biden’s experience compared to Pete Buttigieg’s and it pulls no punches, comparing Biden’s international experience to Buttigieg’s small-town experience, which pales in comparison. The ad begins with Biden’s role in passing Obamacare — which to be fair, everyone hated — to Buttigieg’s thoughtful placement of decorative lighting on some Indiana bridges. While it made me laugh out loud, Mr. Fox had a totally different take on it. “That’s going to backfire,” he said. When I inquired why, his response was that Biden was clearly saying Buttigieg is too gay to be president. On the second run-through, I saw it. “Decorative lighting,” and “decorative bricklaying” come up in this ad. That’s nothing less than a gay stereotype right there. I wonder if GLAAD is planning a protest. After mocking Buttigieg for his flair for beautiful landscapes, the ad insinuates that he’s also a racist, which seems way over the top.

Watch and see what you think.

Whether Biden was making fun of Buttigieg’s sexuality or not, the ad is effective. It illustrates perfectly the difference between a small-town mayor and a former vice president. But if I were on Buttigieg’s campaign team I would point out that touting the Iran deal as if it were good was a mistake (unless you think giving pallets full of cash to terrorists is good for America).

Also laugh-worthy is Biden’s claim that he and Light-Bringer Obama saved the auto industry. SNORT! That did not happen. Not even PolitiFact could conjure up a win for Obama on that one. It’s a highly subjective claim. Billions of dollars were poured into an industry that might have done just as well to declare bankruptcy and reorganize. We’ll never know now since it’s a done deal, and so Biden and Obama just claim they “saved” an entire industry. The ad also takes credit for the economic recovery. I’m not sure how they do that with a straight face. The Obama years were the worst since the Great Depression. Democrats always claim that pouring money into a problem will solve it. But “stimulus” spending didn’t get anyone any jobs. Obama’s “shovel-ready” jobs were a lie and unemployment never recovered in the eight years he was president.

If Buttigieg wants to respond, there’s a lot to deconstruct here.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter