Election 2020

If a Conversation Overheard in a NY Diner Is Any Indication, Dems Are in BIG Trouble

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I don’t normally rely on information I overhear or on anecdotal evidence because it’s not always accurate. However, it can be insightful, interesting, and very entertaining. But unlike the stories that leftists tell on Twitter, this one isn’t a lie that ends with a bus full of people clapping for some wokescold. I went to lunch with my family over the weekend and we were sitting in our favorite sports bar and restaurant, which is always crowded and lively. The tables are very near one another and so listening to others’ conversations is unavoidable. On this particular day, the conversation happening next to us was fascinating. I live in the deep blue state of New York. Everyone is a Democrat. Even out in the hinterlands, if you’re not a Democrat, you just keep quiet about it. There is no plus side to identifying as a Republican in New York.

So it’s not unusual to hear people talking politics, but it’s very unusual to hear something that isn’t batsh*t crazy. Two elderly gentlemen were involved in a very heated conversation about the 2020 election. It started like this:

“This impeachment nonsense isn’t about saving the country, it isn’t about stopping any crimes, or any of that. It’s about one thing,” said Graybeard. “RBG is going to die during the next term and the Democrats know it and this whole thing is about making sure we don’t get a conservative court forever.”

“I’m sure that’s right,” said Plaidjacket. “It’s a circus.”

“It’s not going to work,” continued Graybeard. “And I’ll tell you another thing, the Democrat candidates are the worst I’ve ever seen. They’re all so far to the left! The Democrats have lost their minds.”

“What do you think of Warren?” asked Plaidjacket.

“Elizabeth Warren is more unlikeable than Hillary,” scoffed Graybeard. They both chuckled. They continued to go down the list of candidates, completely ignoring Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders like they weren’t in the race. Mayor Pete, they liked but agreed his lack of experience won’t do. Every other candidate came up short in their opinion, especially Warren. “She doesn’t know how economics works,” said Graybeard. “She thinks she can give everyone everything and none of us will have to pay for it. That’s not how it works.”

At this point, Mr. Fox could tell I was not paying any attention to him and was focused completely on the conversation next to us. I looked at him with raised eyebrows and he replied “I’m trying to block it out,” while rolling his eyes. Mr. Fox isn’t into politics, or government for that matter. He’s a more hands-off individual liberty kind of guy with more to do than worry about what jackasses are up to in Washington D.C. I know what you’re thinking. How can he stand being married to me? The marriage trick we have is that I save all of my political opinions for you and he never has to know any of them unless he chooses to read my columns (which he doesn’t, and of course, now that I’ve said that, this will be the one column he does read this year and he’ll be emailing me, “Stop putting me in your columns!”).

“The thing about Trump,” continued Graybeard, “is that he thinks he can just tell everyone what to do. That’s not how Washington, D.C., works!” Graybeard started pointing his finger at Plaidjacket: “Everybody knows you have to finesse them in D.C. ‘You do something for me and I’ll do something for you.’ Trump won’t do that. So he can’t make it work.”

Mr. Fox raised one eyebrow and leaned over toward me and said under his breath, “Isn’t that quid pro quo?” I tried not to guffaw too loudly lest they catch on that we were totally absorbed in their conversation. What came next really had me wanting to join in.

“The problem with MSNBC is that they’re full-on socialists. Maybe communists,” said Graybeard. “They’re absolutely out of their minds. It’s unwatchable.” Plaidjacket laughed as Graybeard continued, “and Fox News is the same on the other side, although, I could watch that Dana Perino. I like her. She’s easy on the eyes and smart too.” Plaidjacket agreed heartily and the two of them went on to describe Dana’s better features in the polite way grandfathers do. “She’s got a smile on her that could light up the night,” said Plaidjacket.

“You know who’s smart? Tulsi Gabbard. I could vote for her,” said Graybeard. Plaidjacket perked up and started gesturing wildly.

“She’s so poised!” he said. Graybeard kept going on about how smart she is and Plaidjacket kept interjecting, “and poised!” several times. Both of them acknowledged that Tulsi has no chance of winning because the Democrats seem determined to sabotage her. They didn’t think this would end up well for their party.

“We’re going to lose again,” said Graybeard. They both became suddenly sober. I wanted to stand up and clap, but I didn’t because that would be weird and no one actually does that in real life. Our waitress brought us our check and I was caught up in the flurry of getting coats on children and missed whatever came after that.

But what was obvious to me is that the Democrats are in trouble and I don’t think they have any idea how bad it is if Democrat voters in New York are calling them “extreme.”

My prediction is we’re going to be sharing more compilation videos of weeping Democrats again soon.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter