Election 2020

Scott Adams Predicts Kamala Harris Will Be on Dem Ticket Despite Dropping Out of the Race

Scott Adams Predicts Kamala Harris Will Be on Dem Ticket Despite Dropping Out of the Race
Kicking off her book tour, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) speaks at George Washington University on Jan. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Sait Serkan Gurbuz)

Scott Adams, Dilbert creator and author of new book Loser Think, has made a new prediction. His predictions have been pretty spot-on since he got involved in politics during the 2016 election, but a recent one where he said Kamala Harris would be the Democrat nominee just went down the drain. In a broadcast on Wednesday, Adams said, “Kamala Harris has no skills at all for being a politician. None. I didn’t see that coming.” Adams called it his worst prediction of all time. But there’s a catch. He believes she will still make it onto the ticket.

“She’s the worst candidate I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. By far, the worst,” he said. Before seeing her in public, Adams thought she had what it took to be a Democrat star. He isn’t worried about the embarrassment of being wrong in public, though. “I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed in public by my bad predictions,” he said, but pointed out it has no effect on him. Instead, Adams is doubling down on Harris being on the ticket.

“Let me tell you about Kamala Harris’s path to the nomination,” he said “which has just improved! She had no chance of being the one with the most support when it came to the convention.” Adams continued, “Imagine that Biden gets the nomination. As weird as it is, you can imagine it. Who does he pick for his vice president?”

It’s an interesting prediction. Biden does have a problem with saying racist and weird things. He is the gaffe-master. The recent ramblings about leg hair and children in a pool rubbing his legs was unarguably the worst gaffe yet. The only way Biden can appeal to anyone in his party, which claims to want diversity, is to choose a diverse running mate. “The way you balance being old and white is to have a woman or a person of color,” Adams said. “Here’s the good part: the president has to pick someone who looks less capable than him or herself.”

Considering that Adams thinks Harris is the worst candidate to ever be in any presidential race confirms, including “rub-my-hairy-legs” Biden, perhaps she would fit that part perfectly. “Who could Joe Biden pick that could look like that person shouldn’t have obviously been the president?” It has to be Harris, according to Adams, because of her absolute incompetence and the fact that no one can see her as president. Stranger things have happened! I’ve said from the beginning that Joe Biden is the only one who can get the nomination, so perhaps this prediction will come true.

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