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McAdams Regains Lead Over Mia Love in Utah on Final Day of Counting

Democrat Ben McAdams has regained the ballot lead he first lost this weekend when his opponent, incumbent Rep. Mia Love, took the top spot by about 419 votes. On Monday, Love's lead expanded to over a thousand votes, and in provisional ballot counting, she was getting new votes at a higher rate than McAdams.

That changed overnight, and now McAdams is back in the lead on the final day of canvassing. The certified results deadline is today, and McAdams is claiming victory already.

Love, however, has not conceded. And should she? The final tally may put the race outside of the tiny margin that Utah sets for a recount, but as it stands right this second, they are still WITHIN that margin. McAdams is currently ahead by .18%, which is within the .25% set by the state for a recount.

However, it could swing wider as the counties being counted are likely McAdams territory.

On Monday, for example, Love's lead was outside the margin for a recount, and now she is trailing. So things change.

One thing is certain: the fact that she didn't give "love" to President Trump has nothing to do with the votes being counted right now. In fact, the votes going to McAdams in these final moments are almost certainly a rejection of Trump and the GOP. And it certainly wasn't over last Wednesday.

So, again, sorry, Donald. You were still completely and totally wrong. And kind of a jerk.