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In Michigan, Rudy Giuliani Declares: 'They Stole the Election'

In Michigan, Rudy Giuliani Declares: 'They Stole the Election'
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Rudy Giuliani did not mince words when he spoke before a bipartisan state Senate hearing on the 2020 election in Michigan on Wednesday.

“This is a swindle, it’s a con job, it’s the theft of an election,” Giuliani said. “They stole the election.”

Several witnesses also gave testimony regarding allegations made about fraudulent and illegal activities during the election. They weren’t under oath, but when state Rep. Cynthia Johnson, a Democrat, accused state House Oversight Chairman Matt Hall, a Republican, of “allowing people to come in here and lie” and claimed she “knew” they were lying, Giuliani aggressively pushed back.

“On behalf of my witnesses I would like to point out that every single witness we’ve presented here has sworn an affidavit as to all of these facts,” Giuliani said.

One witness who spoke, Jessy Jacob, says she witnessed Democrats coaching voters to support Biden and other Democrats. Another witness,  Army Colonel and cyber-warfare specialist Phil Waldron, spoke about irregularities in the vote, such as 21 precincts with an unheard of 90 percent turnout, ten precincts where exactly 100 percent voted, and six precincts with 120 percent turnout.

“One of the myths that has been propagated, even by the director of CISA [Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency] at Homeland Security is that these machines are not connected to the internet. In the operator’s manual there’s a whole page of references that show you how and when to connect and what selectors to connect to servers and to routers,” explained Waldon, regarding Dominion voting marchines. “So, it is connected to the internet.”

Other witnesses also testified about irregularities and activities that they say took place.

You can watch the entire hearing here:


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