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Wow! Even CNN & MSNBC Admit That Trump Appears to Be on Track to Win Arizona

Wow! Even CNN & MSNBC Admit That Trump Appears to Be on Track to Win Arizona
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Fox News might have egg on their face before too long. On Wednesday, I reported that Arizona is back in play, and that appears to be very much the case on Thursday.

The Arizona Republic reported late Wednesday evening that in the latest batch of votes counted in Arizona, “President Donald Trump received almost the exact share he would need to charge back to win Arizona’s 11 electoral votes and potentially reelection.”

Trump won the batches of ballots from Maricopa County counted Wednesday and early Thursday by a roughly 57-40 margin over former Vice President Joe Biden.

Those votes — likely early ballots sent to the county on Monday and Tuesday — narrowed Biden’s lead over Trump in Arizona to 68,000 votes, when his lead had been more than 90,000 votes earlier Wednesday.

Paul Bentz, a Republican pollster with the consulting firm HighGround, said Trump needs to win 57.6% of the 470,000 votes that The Arizona Republic estimates remain to be counted.

The question is whether he can maintain or increase that margin with the remaining ballots. According to the report, Trump “needs to replicate that performance across all of the remaining 470,000 votes left to count in the state. And he needs to do it across all Arizona’s 15 diverse counties, which include areas that are very blue: Pima, Coconino and Santa Cruz counties.”

Trump needs to repeat that performance “with every single batch, with every single ballot, with every single day,” Bentz told The Arizona Republic. “The first step in the long journey was a successful one in Trump’s tightrope walk.”

So, it’s looking good, but not guaranteed. But even CNN admitted that of the ballots being counted, Trump appears to be on track to win Arizona.

Even Rachel Maddow at MSNBC is nervous.

“Of the new votes that were just reported out [of Maricopa County, Arizona], Donald Trump won 43,966 of them, Joe Biden won 30,322 of them. Donald Trump is getting around 59 percent of these votes,” MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki told Rachel Maddow.

“Oh, God. That’s crazy,” Maddow replied.

“This at least establishes the possibility here that this third bucket of votes is a Trump favorable bucket of votes,” Kornacki explained.

Keep the faith, everyone. All Trump needs to do is win Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Assuming Trump has won Georgia and North Carolina, and pulls off a victory in Arizona, that would put the Electoral College vote count at 259 for Trump and 253 for Biden. That means that whoever wins Pennsylvania would be elected President.

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