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Democrat Dreams of Court-Packing Are Probably Dead

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Okay, I’m not even going to begin to speculate how the next few days play out with regard to the presidential election. But as of right now, it looks like Republicans will retain control of the U.S. Senate.

Roughly $200 million was spent by Democrats to oust Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and they both won easily. Joni Ernst was reelected in Iowa. Susan Collins actually appears favored to win reelection.

In North Carolina, Thom Tillis is currently ahead. John James is holding onto the lead in Michigan.

“I have a very hard time right now seeing how Democrats win back the Senate,” said Jessica Taylor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Assuming this doesn’t change, and the GOP maintains control of the U.S. Senate, Democrat dreams of packing the Supreme Court are dead.

President Trump’s gamble in nominating a successor to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg put the issue of court-packing front and center in the campaign. Democrats were powerless to stop the nomination of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and Senator Chuck Schumer warned that all options were “on the table” if Democrats won the Senate to rectify what they saw as a grave injustice. Court-packing and adding new states to the union were their primary goals.

It’s likely we won’t know the results of the presidential election for a while, but the Senate is looking good at the moment.

So even if Trump ultimately loses but the GOP holds the Senate, the Democrats will be unable to pack the court, which means Biden’s radical-left agenda is effectively stalled. That means no Green New Deal and no repeal of the Trump tax cuts. With a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Biden won’t get the opportunity to be a transformative president the way Barack Obama was.

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