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Here's How We Know Pence Won the Debate

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After President Trump’s first debate with Joe Biden, the liberal media came rushing to Biden’s defense, calling for him not to attend the following two presidential debates. It was undeniable proof that they lacked confidence in Biden’s ability to go toe to toe with President Trump, and a stunning admission of who they really believe won that debate.

On Wednesday evening, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris faced off in their first and only vice presidential debate of the campaign, and once again, the liberal media told us who won the debate without actually admitting it. For most of us watching, the answer was obvious. Mike Pence dominated in that debate. He was calm and cool. Rock-solid. Kamala Harris’s body language and voice reflected her nervousness—a stark contrast to her previous debate performances during the Democratic primary when she was still in the race. But neither her body language, her failure to answer questions, nor her constant reliance on fake stories as lines of attack were the key tell that she lost.

The liberal media conceded Pence’s victory by describing Pence’s debate performance. And their go-to explanation was to attack the vice president by accusing him of “mansplaining.”

“Pence’s mansplaining, interrupting, condescending and general smarminess is at an 11 tonight,” tweeted faux conservative S.E. Cupp of CNN. “No wonder suburban women have left the Republican Party in droves.”

And she wasn’t alone. “I don’t think VP Pence’s mansplaining and over-talking is doing a lot to narrow the gender gap,” mused Dan Rather. “Unless it is also turning off more men as well.”

CNN’s Van Jones called Mike Pence the “mansplainer in chief.”

Journalist and author Ron Fournier: “So how do y’all think this mansplaining, rule-breaking, interrupting, patronizing performance by Pence plays with women voters?”

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos tried this defense, saying “Obviously, Mike Pence is a former television commentator, does have a very calm demeanor, but I think that a lot of people were noticing some ‘mansplaining’ going on tonight.”

It is demeaning to women everywhere (not just in politics) when every time a man debates a woman he is inevitably accused of “mansplaining.” It sends the message that women aren’t up to the task of debating with men. And to her credit, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz disagreed with Stephanopoulos’s assertion that Pence was “mansplaining.”

“When I hear people … talk about mansplaining and talk about these things with Kamala Harris and [say], ‘A man shouldn’t interrupt her and it’s going to look bad,’ Kamala Harris is a vice-presidential candidate. She should be able to stand up for herself,” Raddatz said. “Yes, it’s history-making. Yes, you can talk about her history and who she is and she’s a woman of color there, but a man can interrupt another vice presidential candidate. It is up to that candidate to talk back, to interrupt themselves, or to hold on to that debate in any way they could.”

And the bottom line is that had Kamala Harris won the debate the liberal media wouldn’t be jumping in and accusing Mike Pence of “mansplaining.”

Nor would there be so much buzz about the fly that landed on Pence’s head.

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