Election 2020

After Urging Him Not to Run Last Year, Obama Endorses Joe Biden

(Image: YouTube WITN Channel 22 Screenshot)

Gird your loins, everyone, Barack Obama is reportedly planning to endorse Joe Biden in a video message to posted sometime on Tuesday, sources tell CBS News.

Barack Obama has been generally quiet during the 2020 Democratic Primary, taking the safe route of not making any public endorsement until the primary was over. Obama didn’t even make a statement in defense of Joe Biden after he was attacked by Kamala Harris and branded a racist for his past willingness to work with segregationist Democrats and his opposition to busing.

Obama’s silence was curious, but not too shocking considering that according to a New York Times report last year, while Joe Biden was seeking counsel on whether to run for president, Barack Obama tried to talk his former vice president out of running.

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” Obama reportedly told Biden. Obama had successfully convinced Biden not to run in 2016, but failed to convince him to step aside in 2020.

UPDATE: Barack Obama’s video endorsement was posted at 11:47 am ET:

This story is developing.