Election 2020

Joe Biden Commits to Picking a 'Woman' (?) as His Running Mate

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Democrats’ obsession with identity politics is well known. For months they celebrated the diversity of the candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination. Now that it’s basically down to two old white guys, it was easy to guess that even though the party rejected the “diverse” candidates to top the ticket, the eventual nominee, be it Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, would use the selection of their running mate as an opportunity to prove their pro-diversity credentials.

Both Biden and Sanders had an opportunity to address the issue of who they’d pick as their running mate. Biden was asked, “Just to be clear, you just committed here to tonight, that your running mate, if you get the nomination, will be a woman?”

“Yes,” he said.

Will Joe Biden limit himself to cisgendered women or would Bradley “Chelsea” Manning be a contender?

When Bernie Sanders was asked the same question, he deflected twice before finally saying “in all likelihood” he will too.