Election 2020

The Notorious Ken Bone Endorses Andrew Yang

Ken Bone (Screenshot via YouTube

Ken Bone, who experienced national notoriety after asking a question during a 2016 presidential debate, announced his support for Andrew Yang in the Democratic primary on his Twitter account.

“You guys know I don’t endorse candidates. Except for when I do. I’m fully on board, #YangGang all the way! Iowa, we need you. Tomorrow at 6:30 we can make this a caucus to remember!” Bone tweeted along with a video selfie, sporting his “iconic” red sweater.

Posted Sunday evening just after 7 p.m., the tweet has been liked over 7,000 times and retweeted about 1,800 times.

The Hill reported on the endorsement within an hour of the tweet.

Ken Bone has bizarrely enjoyed minor celebrity status since his national debut during the second presidential debate in 2016. Here’s the moment that shot him to internet fame:

I’m sure his endorsement will make all the difference in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday evening.