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Martin O'Malley Banking on Boot Camp to Propel Blue Wave

martin o'malley at the dnc

Two weeks ago, former Maryland governor and 2016 presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was pushing the candidacy of Florida Democrat Javier Fernandez, a candidate in what the Miami Herald reported was a “cutthroat special election.”

“Javier has a tough race on his hands, and his special election on May 1st is fast approaching,” Sunshine State News reported O’Malley said. “But we have a real opportunity to make sure this seat goes blue and continue chipping away at the Republicans' majority in the state House....With your help, we can win back Florida, and move our country forward.”

Why would O’Malley care about a statehouse race in Florida? It’s all part of his grand plan to help Democrats rebuild their party, and perhaps, at the same time, bankroll some favors he might need in 2020.

After Florida, it was on to the Buckeye State and a congressional race.

“Happy to be in Ohio supporting @AftabPureval for OH-1,” O’Malley tweeted Tuesday. “We need a new generation of leadership.”

Campaigning in Ohio was also part of O’Malley’s political mandate for 2018. Democrats, he believes, have to stop focusing on the White House and U.S. Senate as the only elections that matter to the party.

Rather than winning from the top down, O’Malley, also a former mayor of Baltimore, wants Democrats to start recording victories from the bottom up. That means winning at the congressional and even the state legislative levels.

And that’s why O’Malley launched his Take Back Your State PAC last year.

“This is not a time for anybody to sit on the sidelines or to try to read tea leaves for 2020,” O’Malley told Politico ahead of the PAC’s launch in November 2017.

“Life is all about how we transform our grief. There are a lot of Democrats who, for the last year, have been wallowing in grief. I, instead, decided to get out on the road and help really decent people who are running,” O’Malley also said.

O’Malley will be back in his home state of Maryland on Saturday hosting the “Win Back Your State Campaign Camp.”

A Win Back Your State PAC statement released to PJM said O’Malley would show approximately 40 “young activists” at the University of Maryland event the “nuts and bolts of organizing and winning elections in 2018.”

"The candidates we've backed for Win Back Your State and the activists we're training to be the next generation of elected leaders are brave, committed and inspiring,” O’Malley said.

"In my life, I'm not sure I've ever been more proud of my party than I am right now – not the leaders in Congress, but the grass-roots, where we see new life, bravery and hope every single day,” O’Malley said. “Every week, it seems, Democrats are winning in places President Trump carried by 20 points.”