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Impeachment Depravity: 'Inquiry' Proves Democrats Know They Can't Win

Impeachment Depravity: 'Inquiry' Proves Democrats Know They Can't Win
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks to reporters after a news conference in San Francisco on Aug. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Depravity: the state of being morally bad, or an action that is morally bad. 

Impeachment depravity: a campaign by Democrat politicos intended to excite the extremist Democrat base and simulate impeachment without the requirement of any grounds for impeachment nor any substantive steps that might trigger real impeachment proceedings.  

That’s where we stand in the wake of the fake whistleblower scandal and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s empty impeachment inquiry threat, although new developments break minute by minute.

The day Pelosi leveled her toothless threat, Mike Huckabee, guesting on The Story with Martha MacCallum, spoke for millions of loyal Trump supporters when he challenged Democrats to get real and put impeachment to a floor vote.

“Pull the rope, let’s get this engine started,” said the former Arkansas governor.

They won’t pull the rope, because they haven’t got the goods, never have had, and they know it.

Instead, what is about to take place is an extended impeachment depravity reel which will illustrate the obscene depths the Democrat Party will sink to in their attempts to undermine the success and rising popularity of President Donald Trump—now enjoying higher poll ratings than Barack Obama had at this point in his presidency.

The impeachment “enactment” will be a perversion of the Constitution and an abomination before the American people. Scores of elected Democrat officials, their operatives, and the leftist media’s stable of bias-infected hosts and analysts will lay down like Stormy Daniels for the production.

Speaker Pelosi didn’t want this. Her ideology may be anathema to conservatism, but she’s politically savvy. Before “whistle-gate” broke she wisely dissuaded her party from green-lighting what will go down in history as a monument to political prurience.

Front and center for this titillation-fest will be co-directors Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, enabled by a production crew comprised of veterans of previous productions: Collusion! Racism! Recession! The stars of the show will be newcomers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has stridently proclaimed that expedited impeachment (the real thing, not a flaccid inquiry) is exactly what her district is clamoring for.

Good luck taking this depraved impeachment fantasy into the heartland.

While rank and file Trump supporters will recoil, yell at their television sets, flood comment sections and, in outlier cases, vow armed insurrection if Trump is removed from office, it is the pro-Trump legal and pundit class that will provide the quasi-psychological analysis as this display of Democrat hate-lust plays out. Professionals close to the drama, like Jay Sekulow, Joe diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Mollie Hemingway, Charles Hurt, and many others will provide reality checks when the unhinged passions of the angry left erupt and sully the electoral run-up to 2020.

But there is one core truth that the legions in Trump Country, including 90%+ of Republicans, will not need the print, radio, and broadcast seers to figure out.

The Democrats know they can’t beat Trump. The premiere of Impeachment Depravity proves it.

One theory is that whistle-gate is a covert Democrat operation aimed at mortally wounding Joe Biden’s campaign. If true, that means they don’t think he can win. More conventionally, even if this is not an orchestrated Dem design, polling data suggests that Biden, the real Ukrainian malefactor, is on the way out. Because they don’t think he can win.

Which sets the stage for Elizabeth Warren, about whom Republican spokesperson Reince Preibus recently opined “has no chance of winning in [blue-collar] Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.”

No other Democrat currently in the race, including Bernie Sanders, has a ghost of a chance.

They can’t win, and they know it.

A justified impeachment, for real high crimes and misdemeanors, would be an organic governmental response that arose out of a real threat to the republic. That’s not what’s going on here.

Instead of a crafted alternative message to counter the winning message President Trump has fought hard for and in many cases followed through on, we get from the Democrat Party a sad and sordid traverse through the muck and mire of leftist fantasyland, a sojourn into political depravity performed by a shameless troupe that despairs of returning to power in the near future.

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a novel of political upheaval and cultural intrigue. He came aboard at PJ Media in 2015. His literary hangout is Liberty Island. Follow Mark on Twitter.

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