Election 2020

Undocumented Voters: They're Here!

A voter casts his primary vote in Hialeah, Fla., on Aug. 30, 2016. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

The reality of a far-left Democrat (is there any other kind?) plan to aid and abet an illegal immigrant invasion to the end of establishing a new voting base is no longer even subject to debate.

As they inexorably lose the ability to garner votes from pluralities of the legal citizenry, Democrats understand that the last best hope for their future is to import as many entitlement-dependent and progressively robotized immigrants as possible and facilitate their presence in voting booths across the nation.

Ask Rush Limbaugh, who has captured the paradigm with a challenge: if it is stipulated that new immigrants shall be proscribed from voting for 15-20 years after being granted citizenship, the air will come out of this quixotical push to import a winning electoral hand faster than a New England Patriots locker room aide can deflate a football.

Shielding criminal aliens is only the most egregious of the stratagems at play to stuff ballot boxes with immigrant votes. Concomitant with this goal is that sanctuary city and state designations must be protected at all costs, even the cost of the safety and security of legal citizens.

The Democrat Party is morphing into the Foreigner Party.

The battle rages, and sometimes the most committed and persistent effort to save American sovereignty and protect the integrity of local and national elections is being waged by courageous patriots fighting smack dab in the heart of the most progressive precincts.

Case in point, the Multnomah County Republican Party and Oregonians for Fair Elections. Operating out of the belly of the beast, the MultCo Republicans and OFE have indefatigably fought back against desired leftist outcomes on two issues that if not resisted have earth-shattering potential to negatively impact these United States: illegal immigration and election integrity.

It may be hard to imagine a more progressively oriented county than Multnomah, or, for that matter, a state more decisively under the control of coastal liberal elites than the state of Oregon. The leftists in these enclaves wear their rock-ribbed sanctuary positions like badges of honor.

The latest skirmish began with an OFE request in 2017 to the Oregon Department of Human Services and Department of Motor Vehicles for information about the possibility that Oregon’s “motor voter” law might be in danger of being improperly implemented. Without getting into the labyrinthine details, the gist of this had to do with how illegal aliens might be trying to register to vote while transacting business at the DMV.

While some of the routine info requests were granted, more pertinent information was withheld on various bureaucratic grounds. Says MultCo Republican Party Chair James Buchal, “We made the requests, and they disappeared into a black hole.”

What happened next upped the stakes considerably and gave notice that determining the identities of illegal aliens — not only in matters of electoral integrity, but for virtually every other purpose — was going to be next to impossible in the Beaver State.

In the 2017 regular session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, the Democrat-controlled House passed House Bill 3464, signed into law by Governor Kate Brown, which mandates that: “Except as required by state or federal law, a public body may not disclose, for the purpose of federal immigration laws, the following information concerning any person, whether current or otherwise…”

What follows in the bill is a long list of things that public entities cannot disclose—a list which in most cases will effectively block public information requests about a person’s immigration status.

Mr. Buchal and his associates responded to this bill by circulating a petition that would amend the Oregon Constitution to require that individuals provide proof of citizenship before being allowed to register to vote. During this process, OFE researchers discovered that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had referred criminal actions in the District of Oregon for violation of 8 U.S.C 1326 (reentry of deported alien) resulting in ninety-five criminal actions during fiscal year 2017.

Buchal, citing public safety concerns and a precedent established under the U.S. Constitution that it is a “universal requirement of our federal and state governments that criminal trials be public,” appealed to ICE with a FIOA request to release information about the identities of the ninety-five illegals who reentered after deportation.

Again, Buchal was to enter a bureaucratic black hole. On April 11, 2018, ICE declined to identify the criminal aliens.

From the ICE letter, in which the agency declares the enclosed response to be final:

“Records pertaining to a third party generally cannot be released absent express authorization and consent of the third party, proof that the subject of your request is deceased, or a clear demonstration that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the personal privacy interest and that significant public benefit would result from the disclosure of the requested records.”

Buchal appealed the decision in a letter written that same day, legally disputing the ICE explanation for nondisclosure, citing reasons why it would be lawful for the agency to release the identities, and closed with the following:

The public has an interest in knowing the identity of federal criminals, to protect themselves and their communities. More specifically, as I note in the [original] request, the purpose of this request is to cross-check these identities against Oregon’s public voter registration records, to draw conclusions about the existence and prevalence of illegal alien voting, a matter of considerable pubic concern. As Chief Petitioner and Chair, we will publicize the results obtained, and a significant public benefit will result.

The latest shoe to drop in this back-and-forth saga is an April 13 press release from Oregonians for Fair Elections:

Because Governor Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum pushed for adoption in 2017 of House Bill 3464, which made it almost impossible to discover Oregon public records that reveal the identity of “a person’s citizenship or immigration status,” researchers have turned to federal records on illegal aliens to compare those records with Oregon’s public voter registration database.

Unfortunately, even under President Trump, federal agencies continue to resist any efforts that could assist in identifying illegal alien voting. In fiscal year 2017, some ninety-five illegal aliens were prosecuted in Oregon for illegal reentry after deportation.

When researchers asked [ICE] to produce documents referring these cases for prosecution, ICE responded that records were protected under the Federal Privacy Act, which protects the records of “individuals.”

The problem with the reason for the ICE denial? As the press release makes clear, “individuals” are defined under the FPA to include “a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence.” Implicit in the denial is that apparently illegal aliens — including criminal illegals — are entitled to the same privacy protections as citizens and legal immigrants.

In a follow-up email, while waiting to hear if the ICE denial is indeed final, Mr. Buchal acknowledged that he understands the stakes for an imperiled Democrat coalition, saying, “The general imperative to import Democratic votes is understood by Democrats all over the country.”