Election 2020

Make the Deep State Pay — It's the Only Way

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

There is precious little, if not nothing, that average citizens can do to act against the Deep State actors who have foisted the staggeringly disgraceful Russiagate witch-and-scavenger hunt upon the American people. However, the Democratic Party, and concomitantly, the Leftist “mainstream” media, can and must be made to pay. The ballot box is the only way to deliver the payback.

Obviously, I’m not addressing the undeniable aspect of Russian interference. Who didn’t know that? I’m talking about delivering a sound ideological and electoral shellacking to every politician, every unhinged Leftist comedian, and every newsmedia personality that has hung a partisan hat on the ridiculous notion that Mr. Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to circumvent Hillary Clinton’s election and secure the Oval Office.

It is in the hands of the country’s voters now, Republicans, independents, and concerned, open-minded Democrats, to send an incontrovertible message about corruption and real collusion in the upcoming midterm election.

However those voters may feel about President Trump’s first year, an electoral alignment with the president is the best (if not only) way to show disgust about what has been orchestrated at the highest levels of the Deep State bureaucracy, the top-tiers of our federal law enforcement agencies, and by the Democrat Party apparatus.

Recipients of the grassroots reprimand should include ultimate RINOs like Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein. Nevermind that certain high-stakes players may be card-carrying members (in Comey’s case, formerly) of the GOP. If one core truth about this debacle can be told, from the very beginning it has been about acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the Deep State. Whoever has been instrumental in promulgating this attempt to stage a silent coup against a duly elected president must pay a price — if not legally, at least in terms of a severe upbraid from members of the freedom-loving, fair-minded citizenry.

Voting for Trump-aligned candidates is the best, if not the only, avenue available to average citizens who wish to show their disapproval.

It is the only mechanism available to put the final nail in a coffin that Democrats and their media arm have constructed for themselves by putting the country through this debacle. Only by coming out en masse on midterm Election Day and casting Trump-aligned ballots can citizens proclaim with a united voice that such a coordinated, covert effort to thwart the will of the people has electoral consequences.

Whatever nuanced, issue-by-issue positions such a coalition of Republican/independent/Democrat voters may hold vis-a’-vis President Trump, it is imperative they return to the polls as they did in 2016 (perhaps in even greater numbers). They must preserve Republican majorities in the House and Senate, bolster the president, and demonstrate that — whatever the affiliated partisanship of those in opposition — the principles of the Founding Fathers and their vision for our form of government must remain sacrosanct.

Given the egregious actions of those who would overturn an election, exonerate a defeated Hillary Clinton, and protect Weaponizer-in-Chief Barack Obama, such a result is conceivable. Despite cautiously optimistic Democrat predictions about a midterm “Blue Wave,” what might actually happen is not only the retention of a GOP House majority, but the securement of a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

Such an outcome would deliver just deserts to everyone responsible for this national nightmare.

What about the media — as Sean Hannity puts it, the “destroy Trump” media? There is only one way to make them pay. Make them choke down another catastrophe. Make them accountable for the fake news they’ve disseminated. Make them have to again sit in their beltway media centers and pontificate about how democracy dies in darkness, about how deplorable the American people are, and about how, if we only wait until 2020, the next change they’ve been waiting for will occur, and the presidential election they have been untruthfully attempting to scuttle will finally end.

Let the President Trump-aligned 2018 Red Wave begin.