Election 2020

Nevada Rubio Camp Expects Strong Showing at Tonight's Caucus

LAS VEGAS- On the heels of some high-profile endorsements, Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign is expecting a strong showing in the Silver State caucus tonight.

On the wall at Rubio HQ


On Monday, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and failed presidential candidate Bob Dole gave their support to the Florida senator.

Additionally, Rubio received endorsements from some of Nevada’s senior GOP politicians: Senator Dean Heller, and Reps. Mark Amodei and Cresent Hardy.


Rubio’s Nevada communications director, Michael Zona, told PJ Media, “We are looking forward to a strong showing and believe Marco’s hopeful message of unifying the Republican Party, winning in November and growing the conservative movement will resonate with Nevadans as they vote in today’s caucuses.”

I stopped by the Rubio campaign headquarters yesterday (it’s around the corner from Cruz HQ) to see what the Rubio team was doing to prepare for the caucus.


Volunteers, some from California and Florida, were on the phones calling voters for Rubio.  The campaign is running a traditional-style campaign with an emphasis on training people for the caucus. The caucus process is new to Nevadans; the first one was held in 2008.

Many voters are still getting accustomed to the new process of caucusing.  Importantly, this is the first “closed” caucus of the presidential campaign season — voters CANNOT register to vote at their caucus location, they must have been registered to vote 10 days in advance. Consequently, this is a GOP-only election.

The Nevada caucus begins tonight at 5pm PT.