Election 2020

Cruz Heads into Nevada Caucus with Solid Ground Game

LAS VEGAS- The Ted Cruz presidential campaign was operating at full speed when PJ Media stopped by the Las Vegas campaign headquarters on Sunday.


There was not a seat to spare at the office where at least twenty people were busy working the phones and preparing for the caucus on Tuesday. Volunteers were speaking to Nevada voters, answering questions and explaining Cruz’s position on the issues. In one case, they managed to flip a family of Trump supporters.

The campaign had a fridge stocked with a secret weapon.


Volunteers wandered in an out the entire time I was visiting, retrieving more materials and walk lists so they could return to canvassing the electorate.

Campaign surrogates Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) and Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia, were at the headquarters, talking to media and working the phones.

Cuccinelli (L), Labrador (R)


Cuccinelli explained that Cruz is the only candidate that has defeated Trump and can do it again. He said the campaign is confident heading into caucus.

Later that night, Cruz Super PAC Keep the Promise had an event in Henderson which maxed out at 1,400 attendees.

Glenn Beck spoke, working up the crowd by saying: “I am not here for Ted Cruz, I am here for the Constitution of the United States.”


Rep. Labrador (R-ID) told the Cruz supporters: “We don’t need another Reagan now, we need a Ted Cruz.”

Finally, Senator Cruz came on to the stage to loud cheers and an excited audience. He received a hearty laugh from those in attendance when he told them he needed food tasters in the Senate cafeteria.


The Nevada caucus is on Tuesday evening. Expect an exciting night!