Election 2020

Why We Need to Keep Talking About Election Fraud

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Who has time for election fraud and the Constitution?

What with all the mass shootings, anti-Asian violence, and the beginning of riot season, the media doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the mounting mountain of evidence regarding the Democrats’ historic gutting of the Constitution and stealing the election. Rudy Guiliani, without the powers of subpoena or arrest, gathered more evidence of voter fraud in nine weeks than Robert Mueller found in two years of his ridiculous Trump-Russia collusion investigation, with an unlimited budget and all the power of Stalin.

Despite what you haven’t heard, there appears to be plenty of evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Here is a four-state look at evidence of voter fraud that the media doesn’t want you to see and Google will try to keep from you:


Michigan attorney Mathew Deperno recently released the findings of his election forensic report. He found 66,194 unregistered ballots in only nine counties. It’s understandable if you haven’t heard this yet. The mainstream media refuses to pick it up. I just googled, “Matthew Deperno  66,194 unregistered votes in Michigan.” The first story to pop up is an article by the Washington Post telling us only dopes believe in election fraud. You have to go a loooooong way to find the Rasmussen story about the 66,194 unregistered votes in Michigan.

OAN also ran a story about how easy it was to flip the number of ballots each candidate received.


Testifying before the Homeland Security Committee on Dec. 16, 2020, attorney Jesse Binnall reported over 90,000 questionable votes in Nevada, including 4,000 votes from non-citizens, 15,000 votes registered to commercial or vacant addresses, and a whopping 19,000 votes from people who don’t live in Nevada. He also addressed the stonewalling and obstructing from Clark County officials. Binnall:

Two Clark County technical employees came forward, completely independent of each other, and explained that they discovered that the number of votes recoded (sic) by voting machines and stored on USB drives would change between the time the polls were closed at night until they were reopened the next morning. In other words, votes were literally appearing and disappearing in the dead of night. When we attempted to verify the integrity of these voting machines, we were allowed only a useless visual inspection of the outside of a USB drive. We were denied a forensic examination.

All told, Binnall testified that his team found roughly 130,000 fraudulent votes. More than enough to turn Nevada to Trump. Read the entire testimony here. Prepare to be cranky.

On April 13, 2021, the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee censured GOP Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske for failing to act on the Mt Charleston-sized collection of election fraud stories. Apparently, the Nevada GOP received tons of messages, some of which were downright nasty, from Republicans who have left the party because nothing was done to ensure voter integrity


Republican state reps posted an alarming discrepancy in Pennsylvania. There were 170,830 more votes than voters. Elected Pennsylvania Democrats twisted, shimmied, hully-gullied, and mash-potatoed to keep the truth a secret. From the report:

We were already concerned with the actions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Executive branch, and election officials in certain counties contravening and undermining the Pennsylvania Election Code by eliminating signature verification, postmarks, and due dates while allowing the proliferation of drop boxes with questionable security measures and the unauthorized curing of ballots, as well as the questionable treatment of poll watchers, all of which created wholesale opportunities for irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.


If you google Project Veritas Ilhan Omar ballot harvesting you will scroll past nine stories mocking Project Veritas before you find an actual article covering the story (nor will you see the Project Veritas website). For the record, Project Veritas has never lost a lawsuit and has had a whopping 336 retracted stories from lying, liar-head “journalists” who print lies. These Project Veritas videos outline large-scale voter fraud and ballot-harvesting in Minnesota. SPOILER ALERT: Ilhan Omar is in this up to her brother-ogling eye-lids.

This pile-o’-rage-inducing evidence is just the tip. I haven’t yet touched Wisconsin and Georgia. New York is hiding secrets too. The media is hiding the most. Even lying about things.

Let’s not forget that the Washington Post claimed Pennsylvania postal work Richard Hopkins recanted his claims of voter fraud. Here is a video of Mr. Hopkins denying this blatant lie:


Read what our own Matt Margolis has to say about the DOJ and the Maricopa County, Ariz., audit.

They know we know. If they had nothing to hide they would hide nothing. We need to fix this by 2022 or, as my grandfather would say, “We’ll ALL be speakin’ commie!’