Election 2020

Do You Finally Understand the #NeverTrump Position?

When you’ve been reduced to responding with, “well, Bill Clinton did it, too,” you’ve already lost the argument. Barring a miracle, the White House is now lost and Trump supporters have only themselves to blame. It is now time for true conservatives to purge ourselves of the vile stain of Donald Trump.

A month or so ago, I recused myself from writing anymore #NeverTrump articles. It had reached the point, I believed, where for starters, I would simply be repeating myself. Secondly, I had concluded that maybe for the future of conservatism, it was time for those of us in the #NeverTrump camp to stop talking. Don’t misunderstand. I was as staunchly #NeverTrump as before and would not (will not) vote for him. But as more and more people that I respect began to reluctantly and sadly become Trump supporters, I became worried that my slings and arrows would hit the wrong targets. Those people, I now believe, finally understand my avowed #NeverTrump position and probably regret ever throwing their lot in with a small “d” devil, no matter how reluctant their support.

In case you missed it, an uncovered tape from 2005 has basically handed Trump’s friend and fellow liberal Hillary Clinton the election. In the tape, Trump is plainly heard advocating sexual assault, among other morally noxious assertions. Horrifically, Trump’s sycophants have circled the rhetorical wagons, slithering defenses out of their mouths like, “It’s just ‘locker room’ talk from eleven years ago.” Or, “Trump is only talking about what Bill Clinton actually did.”

Except, Donald Trump is not some mouthy teenager showing off in front of his buddies after P.E. He’s a powerful and rich man who, by his own admission, took advantage of his fame to prey on women. In his words, “I just start kissing them … I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do it.” After that startling admission of sexual assault, Trump adds the now infamous line, “Grab them by the pu**y. You can do anything.”

When my son is a teenager, if he ever talks like that in a locker room, his punishment will be swift and severe. Peering into the future, he would lose, among other things, the privilege to engage in extracurricular activities, including holding class office. Based on my understanding of teenage boys, those disgusting words would most likely be false bravado, an attempt to impress other little hormonally charged perverts. But when it’s a rich, powerful man like Donald Trump, it’s safe to take him at his word and assume that he has indeed sexually assaulted women—that he has indeed grabbed some women “by the pu**y.”

Which brings me to the “well, Bill’s actually done it” portion of the Trumpkins’ defense of their favorite perverted Oompa Loompa.

Yes, Bill Clinton is an awful human being and a sexual predator. I don’t know of any of my #NeverTrump cohorts who deny it. But, and this is what is so infuriating, Donald Trump, by his own admission, has done it, too. Donald Trump clearly confessed to Billy Bush that he “doesn’t even wait.” According to his boastful claims, Trump uses his fame to take advantage of women. For the record, even if his talk was “merely” that of a boy in a locker room, Trump’s depraved view of women as objects of pleasure makes him sorely unqualified for the office of president of the United States.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, once esteemed people like Dr. Ben Carson have quickly come to the defense of Donald Trump. In a Facebook post, Carson shifted the blame to the media by blustering, “It is obvious that the media has decided who the winner of this election should be; but by so grossly overplaying its hand, the media has lost all credibility as a source for objective facts.”

Dr. Carson believes that it’s somehow the media’s fault that Trump brags about sexually assaulting women. My parents were right, one bad apple does ruin the bunch. I’m afraid that in the aftermath of this disastrous election season many people who were once respected will have been revealed to be gross opportunists who were willing to sell their souls for a seat at the table. If there’s any bright spot in all of this, the mop-up will allow true conservatives to clean house and get back on track.

Not long after this most recent revelation of Trump’s vulgarity (in word and deed) had been revealed, I wrote on my Facebook wall, “Our future president Hillary Clinton is not the fault of those of us who have been #NeverTrump since the beginning. It’s the fault of those who have supported such a wicked, vile man.”

The Democrats graciously served Republicans the most beatable candidate in generations. In response, the Republicans, deciding to one-up the Democrats, found the one individual who’s even more beatable than Hillary. Every single person in the #NeverTrump camp saw this coming and warned Trump supporters. Whatever havoc President Hillary wreaks on this country over the next four years, I will place the blame almost squarely on the shoulders of those who supported Donald Trump.