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Being #NeverTrump Doesn't Make Me Pro-Hillary

Being #NeverTrump Doesn't Make Me Pro-Hillary
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Most of my #NeverTrump cohorts roll their eyes at the fallacious harangues from Trumpkins claiming that not voting for their guy is a vote for Hillary. That assertion demonstrates either a desperation similar to that of rats on a sinking ship or a lack of understanding of formal logic and situational ethics. But, I’m not here to excoriate Trumpkins, because some of them do make a good point.

Frequently reviling one candidate creates the risk of appearing to favor the other candidate (although, to be fair, my entire opening paragraph of this #NeverTrump article is anti-Hillary).  I do understand the desire for those of us in the #NeverTrump crowd to produce more #NeverHillary articles. I mean, if one of the awful candidates is going to be dogpiled, it’s only fair that the other awful candidate gets rhetorically squashed, too.

With that acknowledgment, let the record show that I am as solidly #NeverHillary as I am #NeverTrump. Like Trump, there are too many reasons why I do not want Hillary as POTUS to name, much less detail, in one article. Even picking the highlights will be a challenge, but I will endeavor to give the best, or rather, the worst reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be president.

Many of my leftist friends love to harp on income disparity and how self-servingly out of touch conservatives are with the plight of the economically oppressed. Well, maybe; maybe not. What isn’t up for debate is how exploitatively rich the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua is.

While sheltering millions in trusts and avoiding taxes by utilizing accounts in the Caymans, Hillary hypocritically trades on divisive identity politics in order to gain more wealth and power. Her hypocrisy, however, won’t minimize the damage if she has her way with America’s economy.

Dangling freebies in front of people, Hillary’s progressive economics will continue to drive this country into insolvency. Borrowing from FDR’s policies that extended the Great Depression by seven years, Hillary’s “works relief program” is estimated to cost almost $300 billion. That money, of course, will be stolen from the very people who are actually in the business of creating jobs.

If you think income inequality is bad now, wait until the middle class and upper-middle class are unemployed because the job creators are forced to use their money to fund Hillary’s America instead of funding businesses and jobs. Instead of $300 billion being put to work by those who have proven to be efficient and capable at creating jobs and wealth for all, that money will be wasted in the inefficient halls of shadowy and greedy government bureaucracy.

Of course, if I were a progressive, I would have zero faith in Hillary. The uber-progressive DNC platform means almost nothing to her. She’ll sell those progressive principles out at the drop of a hat to the highest bidder. Bernie supporters are painfully aware of this, which explains, in part, their seething anger.

Whether or not Hillary’s belief in salvation through big government is legitimate is mostly irrelevant for me, though. Honest or not, seeking to promote justice and equality by stoking the greed and inefficiency of government is reason enough to be #NeverHillary. Her lack of honesty and integrity in reference to her politics is simply icing on the #NeverHillary cake.

Although not necessarily divorced from each other, Hillary’s stance on social issues is far more important to me than her economics and belief about the sanctity of government. As I’ve made crystal clear in the past, the single most important issue that keeps me from even considering Hillary Clinton is her defense and promotion of the murder of babies.

In this year’s DNC platform, the word “rare” has been removed in reference to abortion. On one hand, that makes sense. I mean, if murdering babies is A-ok, then murdering babies frequently shouldn’t be an issue. On the other hand, the DNC and Hillary Clinton think that murdering babies is A-ok.

It’s almost nonsensical that I have to explain this to people – if abortion is the murder of babies, and I believe that it is, then there is no way that I could ever vote for someone who promotes abortion. Disagreeing with me about abortion is almost a separate issue. If you know that I believe that abortion is the murder of babies, why would you expect me to vote otherwise? What kind of person would vote for a candidate that they believe promotes the murder of babies? An awful human being, that’s the kind of person.

Hillary Clinton, going a step further than most “pro-murder of babies” candidates, proudly touts her Margaret Sanger Award. In their wisdom, Planned Parenthood has named their most prestigious award after their racist, classist founder. Demonstrating elitist disdain for the poor and minorities, Hillary Clinton has yet to denounce and return that award.

From her blatant disregard for national security, to her disdain for the Constitution, and her unethical, to put it mildly, accumulation of wealth, there are many reasons why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. But, for me, those reasons pale in comparison to Hillary’s plan to finish the transformation of the United States of America into a totalitarian, big government regime and her desire to see the murder of babies available on demand.

Come November, expressing my strong belief that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president, I will not vote for her. Similarly, expressing my strong belief that her friend Donald Trump is unfit to be president, I will not vote for him. Whichever of the two New York liberals wins will be the responsibility of those who vote for her or him. Since people are curious, I will be writing Senator Ben Sasse in for president. For the sake of your conscience and the future of this country, I recommend that you do the same.