Election 2020

Joe Biden's Former Stenographer: 'He's Lost a Step'

Democratic National Convention via AP

If you’ve been paying attention to the 2020 presidential election — and if you don’t hate Donald Trump so much that at this point you’d vote for a broken shopping cart on the side of the road — you may have noticed that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has been having even more trouble expressing himself than usual. And for Biden, that’s really saying something. He’s never been a master orator even at the best of times, but up until this year, at least Biden was able to get through a single sentence without making you cringe. He’s never been intelligent, but at least he was usually intelligible.

These days, though, we keep getting stuff like this:

“COVID has taken, this year, just since the outbreak, it’s taken more than one hundred year. Look. Here’s. The lives. It’s just. It’s, I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.”

Yeah. Wait. What?

And that’s when he’s reading off a teleprompter. When he tries speaking off the cuff, the Cringeometer goes into the red:

It’s bad enough that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about as usual, but right there he sounds like he’s on his deathbed. He sounds even worse than he did just a few months ago, and he’s a long way from the Joe Biden we saw and heard when Obama was president. I never thought I’d miss that guy!

But if you don’t trust your own eyes and ears about Biden’s obvious mental deterioration, maybe you’ll listen to a member of the Obama administration. Namely, the guy who literally got paid to listen to Biden talk.

Alana Goodman, Washington Free Beacon:

Joe Biden’s former White House stenographer said the vice president’s public speaking ability has deteriorated significantly since leaving office to the point where he’s “not the same Joe Biden.”

“It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017,” Mike McCormick, who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. “He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.”

“He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking,” McCormick said. “He’s a different guy.”

This is objectively true, whether you want to admit it or not. Poor ol’ Joe sounds completely exhausted, and that’s after he did nothing for six months but sit in his basement talking to a webcam. He’s got 56 more days of campaigning left, and it’s not going to get any easier from here. That perpetual “Where am I?” scowl he wears all the time isn’t going away.

Maybe his campaign can distract people with crap like this:

It sounds like Barry is leaving instructions for Joe’s new nurse. “He really likes his ice cream. He can eat applesauce and strained peas, too!” And for some reason, she can’t stop cackling. Is that supposed to be endearing? Am I supposed to be looking forward to hearing that for 4-8 years?

Obviously, the idea is that a vote for Biden is actually a vote for Kamala Harris. Nobody really thinks Joe will be mentally competent to serve a full term if elected. Hell, at this point we’ll be lucky if he’s fully compos mentis by Election Day. But most of the media have to pretend Joe still has all his marbles. If they report anything that might lose him a single vote, all their friends will call them Trump-lovers. And for libs in 2020 America, there’s nothing worse than that.

People keep giving me reasons not to vote for Trump, but they can’t give me any reasons to vote for Biden that don’t somehow involve Trump. “At least he’s not the other guy” isn’t good enough. If Biden hasn’t done anything worthwhile in his 47 years of public life, it’s too late to expect him to start now. He’s a confused old man, and he missed his window. Sorry, Joe.

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