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The Biden Campaign's Biggest Technical Difficulty Is... Joe Biden

The Biden Campaign's Biggest Technical Difficulty Is... Joe Biden
(Zoom screenshot)

In these troubled times, we need a leader who can clearly see the path ahead. We need a guy with both eyes open and his feet on steady ground. We need a fella who knows where he’s going and why he’s there.

We need Joe Biden.

Actually, it does make me feel safe. But then, I’m old enough to have heartwarming memories of Mr. Magoo.

Here’s a little background on what just happened there, courtesy of Eric Bradner at CNN:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s first “virtual town hall” was a technical calamity as his campaign confronts the same challenges of unexpected remote work that millions of Americans are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic…

Technical glitch after technical glitch showed the challenges facing campaigns as they look for ways to reach voters without being able to invite them to rallies or knock on their doors…

About two minutes and 20 seconds into the Facebook Live video, Biden walked off camera. He was replaced by an “Illinois for Biden” sign as he answered a final question.

Yes, technical difficulties and lack of planning were a problem here. But the biggest technical difficulty of the Joe Biden campaign is Joe Biden. He gave a press conference on Thursday about COVID-19 the Wuhan virus, and Bidenites all swooned because he managed to read from a teleprompter for 10 minutes without screaming at anybody or forgetting where he was. He didn’t take any questions, because his answers might’ve shattered the illusion of competence. Just as a matter of optics, it was slightly better than Trump’s address to the nation the night before, even if Biden ended up saying nothing Trump hadn’t already said. But when Biden’s public appearances aren’t locked down tighter than a frog’s patoot, he gives us disasters like this Facebook town hall.

And yet the press will continue to cover for Biden, the same way they always cover for the Democratic nominee for president. They’ll continue to make excuses, like “Technical difficulties” and “The video was manipulated” and “That blue-collar voter he berated in Detroit is a jerk anyway.” Biden can accept the nomination this July, thank Kirk and Spock for their support, and walk directly into the nearest wall, and all the Dem operatives with press passes will still cheer him on because otherwise, somebody might think they like Trump.

Spare a thought today for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press. They’re going through a lot right now. In 2016 they sacrificed what was left of their dignity to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line, and she failed them anyway. Now they’re expected to spend the next eight months cleaning up after this doddering old fossil, who makes Hillary look like a paragon of competence and health. No wonder they’re so grouchy all the time!