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Blunder or Lie? Joe Biden Claims 120 Million Dead from COVID

Blunder or Lie? Joe Biden Claims 120 Million Dead from COVID
AP Photo/Matt Slocum

With Joe Biden, you can never tell if he lied or if he blundered. Today at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden said that 120 million Americans have already died of COVID. That’s why we need Obamacare, or something.


Numbers aren’t the strong suit of #BarelyThereBiden. Indeed, it’s difficult to determine which cards he’s still holding, and which ones fell on the floor.

You’ll remember, of course, when he said that 150 million Americans have died of gun violence:

So he defeated the NRA, but half the country died anyway. Now, today, the other half died of the CCP coronavirus pandemic.

At this rate there will be nobody left to vote for Joe Biden by election day. Thoughts and prayers.

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