Fox News Discussion Turned to What Went Wrong Before Key Races Called

There was a notable shift at Fox News tonight as election results for the midterms began to trickle in and Democrats appeared to be picking up seats. Nearly every polling organization and forcasting website had been predicting for weeks that Republicans would hold onto the Senate but lose seats in the House, and the talking heads at Fox seem to be conceding that Republicans are going to have a very bad night.

Chris Wallace said, "First of all, in terms of [Trump's] policies, those are controversial as well. He certainly has accomplished what he's wanted to accomplish, but there are a lot of Democrats, a lot of people are going to vote Democratic tonight, who don't like what he has accomplished." Wallace said that Republicans have been hit hard by Democrats on pre-existing conditions as they relate to Obamacare. "Frankly, Republicans, as I interviewed them on 'Fox News Sunday' over the last couple of months, never got a good answer on that," said Wallace. "The fact is that 'repeal and replace' does significantly weaken the pre-existing condition protection."

Martha MacCallum pointed out the importance of tax reform as an issue. "That has been something that people in New York and New Jersey have been very unhappy about and in California as well, Brit," she said.

Brit Hume opined, "One of the things that's striking about what our poll has shown, this massive poll we did, is that the tax cut is underwater. Not by a lot, but it is underwater."

"The economy grows like mad, stock market's over the moon, right? And your tax cut's unpopular," he said. "How can that be?