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FBI, DHS Warn of Possible Violence Surrounding Midterm Elections

FBI, DHS Warn of Possible Violence Surrounding Midterm Elections
Voters cast their ballots early for midterm elections at the Government & Judicial Center in Noblesville, Ind., on Oct. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin last Thursday advising law enforcement agencies across the nation to stay vigilant for possible violence surrounding the midterm elections. The agencies note that while there are no specific terroristic threats at this time, there is reason for authorities to be on their guard.

“Both domestic extremists and (radicalized jihadists) have previously targeted public events and government officials, and we remain concerned by the ongoing threat of lone offender violence,” the Nov. 1 bulletin states.

“We are concerned some domestic extremists and (radicalized jihadists) may perceive the election or transition period (which in most cases will extend through January 2019) as an opportunity to engage in violence, including assaults against political or prominent public figures and low-level acts of violence against governmental and nongovernmental institutions associated with political figures or the democratic process,”  the bulletin continued.

Likely included among the domestic extremists on law enforcement’s radar would be the radical Maoist group Red Guards, which has chapters in a number of cities nationwide, including Austin, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh. These moronic masked malcontents have for several weeks promised to conduct Election Day “boycotts” to protest our “bourgeois” elections.

FYI, this is their idea of an Election Day “boycott.”