Election 2020

Reporter Leaves Obscene Voicemail for Michigan Republican Senate Candidate John James

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John E. James (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

See below for an update.

A reporter was caught on tape saying what she really thinks about Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James when she left him an obscene and insulting voicemail after thinking she had hung up the phone. “F*cking John James,” she’s heard saying. “That would suck.”

Brenda Battel, a reporter for the Huron Daily Tribune, left the crude message at James’s campaign office phone number Monday afternoon after requesting a post-election interview for Wednesday.

“Hi, my name is Brenda Battel. I’m a reporter with the Huron Daily Tribune in Bad Axe, Michigan,” Battel said in the voicemail.

“I’m looking to set up an appointment with Mr. James for some time on Wednesday for a phone interview regarding the election results,” Battel continued. “I’m probably going to send an email over to the [email protected] with some details. Um, if you’d like to call me back, my number is … extension.… Thank you.”

After Battel thought she’d hung up the phone, she launched into a profane verbal attack on James.

“Man, if he beats her… Jesus! F*cking John James. Whew! That would suck! I don’t think it’s going to happen though,” Battel cursed.

It appears doubtful now that she’ll get the interview.

Tori Sachs, James’s campaign manager, issued the following statement to The Daily Caller:

“It shows you that some media will do anything to keep the status quo and career politicians in power,” campaign manager Tori Sachs said. “The liberal media can’t stand the idea of a job creator and combat veteran coming to Washington to shake up the system. This happened as we closed in within the margin of error.”

Battel does not seem to be a fan of President Trump either. She has only two posts on Twitter, both of them accusing the president of being behind the death of Roger Ailes because the former Fox News CEO knew too much about Trump’s collusion with Russia.

James, widely believed to be a long shot, has lagged behind longtime incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow by double digits for most of the year, but in the final weeks, his campaign has gained steam with recent polling reflecting a tightening race. Change Research is showing the race in a statistical tie: Debbie Stabenow 49, John James 47.

Update 12:43 p.m. EST: The paper has terminated Battel.