Election 2020

A Dumpster of Despicables

Hillary Clinton’s remark that Trump voters were a “basket of deplorables” has now entered the almanac of infamy, as she herself is in process of doing. I know many such deplorables in the rural Ontario community where I make my home: farmers, cattle breeders, shop keepers, machinists, marina operators, truck drivers, carpenters, house painters, restaurateurs, tradesmen, unpretentious people who vote conservative, who are reliable neighbors, and whose children are not afraid of honest work. (The children of deplorables must be deplorables, too, which renders Hillary’s slur even more unconscionable.) In fact, these kids are an impressive lot, many of them apprentices in their fathers’ businesses and many enrolled in music classes in the local schools or taking private lessons, perhaps to become budding graduates of Toby Keith’s Honky Tonk U.

So all in all, I’m delighted to be living in a hotbed of deplorables, good people who would have voted Trump had they been Americans. They are largely scornful of our preening nonentity PM Justin Trudeau and Ontario’s cadaverous Liberal premier, the stridently feminist, LGBTQ-boosting, pro-abortion, anti-family, cap-and-trade carbon taxer, self-promoting, donor-hungry, economically illiterate social justice warrior, and Hillary mini-me Kathleen Wynne, currently escorting Bill 28 through parliament. The bill redefines the family as a contractual rather than a natural institution, involving up to four adult “parents,” a logical extension of such rulings as the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Obergefell v. Hodges landmark case resulting in the legal redefinition of marriage.

Of course, Canada boasts a rapidly expanding doofus brigade, of which the majority of our politicos, our morally defective media, and our urban Liberals are charter members. We seem in this country, and particularly in this province—call it the SRO, the Socialist Republic of Ontario—to be approaching the condition that prevails in many parts of the U.S.

But we still have a ways to go to match the dumpster of despicables that currently flourishes there, including the aforementioned Hillary, the outgoing president and his administration of “old, plump, dull frauds” (to quote Bruce Walker), a media and academic sewer overflowing with cultural Marxist subversives, a student generation who would rewrite the American Constitution if they were able to compose a grammatical sentence, entitled minorities demanding reparations and government grants, left-liberal SocProgs, and a clan of plutocrats financing every seditious organization in sight. These are people who prove the point that you can have everything and have nothing. For if you have no historical awareness, no self-scrutiny, no strength of character, and no moral substance, then indeed you have nothing—except the power to wreak harm and convulse a nation. This is as good a definition of a “despicable” as I can come up with.

I imagine a photo of American despicables posing amiably together say, Hillary, Bill, John Podesta, George Soros, Barack Obama, Michael Moore and Harry Reid, to choose at random as depraved and injurious a group of political trash as one might find in the national dumpster. The dumpster is vast enough to contain a motley crew who adhere to a septicemic ideology that would transform the nation from a bread basket into a basket case by any means available, inculcating hatred of a long and reasonably successful republican tradition, generating contempt for the productive backbone of the country, spreading pervasive disinformation, and fomenting racial discord and acts of outright violence. The dumpster of despicables should be emptied as waste disposal via legislative measures and policy initiatives by an administration representing the real people, aka the basket of deplorables. One way or another, the despicables can no longer be allowed to manipulate the levers of power if the country is ever to get back on track.

The situation in Canada, while not as dire as it is or has been in the U.S., is perhaps more dispiriting because we have no Donald Trump or Steve Bannon or Rudy Giuliani on the political horizon. Instead, we have the pro-Islamic, terrorist-hugging, debt-mongering, UNRWA-subsidizing, university drop-out, gynocentric, Castro-loving Justin Trudeau leading the country toward the proverbial cliff.

Provincially we are no better off. Over the last several election cycles, featuring four successive Liberal governments under Dalton McGuinty—the Pinocchio of Canadian politics—and the hapless Wynne, Ontario has devolved from the manufacturing center and economic engine of the country into a have-not province, crushed under a gargantuan load of debt, bristling with dysfunctional and exorbitant wind turbines and collapsing under the highest energy bills in Canada—consumers are billed even for not using electricity—funding the costliest kangaroo court in the nation (the so-called Social Justice Tribunal), and dependent upon federal transfer payments to make ends not quite meet—California North. We are observing in our corner of the world what a Hillary presidency would have looked like, completing the devastation that Obama began. It takes a special despicable-type talent to drive a prosperous and stable province, state, or country into the ground.

The point was emphatically made by the just-released Ontario auditor general’s report, revealing the machinations of one of the most corrupt and incompetent provincial administrations in the history of the country. It reads like a Monty Python skit, depicting a government selling dead parrots to the electorate at prohibitive cost. Its tenders and oversight are so demented that a pedestrian bridge was built partly upside-down. Clearly, upside-down is what despicables do best.

There have always been secession movements percolating in Canada, most notably in Quebec, as well as in Alberta—as we also find in Texas. I would suggest it is high time for southern Ontario, where the deplorables flourish, to consider the option, as did many in pre-Trump Texas. If that is the only way to get rid of the dumpster of despicables, I would be all for it. The U.S. still has a chance under Trump. Canada has no chance under Trudeau nor does the SRO under the ridiculous and inept Kathleen Wynne. It’s time to start the clean-up.