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Conyers Endorses Son, Who Called Dad a 'F***king Player' for Hitting on Married Women

WASHINGTON – John Conyers III, whom outgoing Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) endorsed to replace him in Congress, once tweeted that his father was a “f——g player and reckless as hell” for hitting on a married woman.

“My dad is a f——g player and reckless as hell! He just got at this doods wife super low-key,” Conyers wrote on his Twitter account in June 2010, according to a report from MLive.com, a Michigan-based news website.

Conyers announced today that he plans to retire from Congress amid sexual harassment allegations from multiple women and he wants his oldest son, John Conyers III, to take his seat.

John Conyers III, now 27, made headlines in 2010 when he claimed two Apple laptops and $27,000 in concert tickets had been stolen from his father’s government vehicle, which was a Cadillac Escalade SUV. He also reportedly posted a photo of a bottle of Moet champagne next to the steering wheel of the vehicle, which caused some of Conyers’ constituents to question why his son was driving a taxpayer-funded vehicle. This prompted his father to apologize for the incident.

"I have just learned about the inappropriate use of a congressional vehicle by my son over the Thanksgiving holiday," the elder Conyers said in a statement. "I am sorry it happened and will make sure that it does not happen again."

Last year, the radio station 97.9 posted a profanity-filled video of Conyers after he voted in the Michigan primary.

“Third and fourth generations of Conyers running for office. It’s really crazy. My grandfather did an incredible job, man. Fuck,” Conyers said in the Snapchat video. “A lot of people stand on the sidelines of their own lives. It’s like you just watch that shit go by like, no, I don’t think I’m going to get in the game – that shit is short, man. Whatever you do, make sure you vote.”

Later in the same video, Conyers explained why he thinks everyone should vote even if they are not familiar with the candidates.

“Voting feels so good, like even if your person doesn’t win, like, it feels good,” he said. “The craziest part about it all is that my dad really walked with Martin Luther King and got arrested for this shit, like, damn this shit is deep fam. I casted my vote and I was hype as shit, like, I voted, like, this is awesome and I am really thankful for people that died for that for me.”

“Any race, whatever, it’s important to vote but I mean, like, especially African-Americans man, go vote because people really died for this shit,” he continued. “If you don’t know shit about a candidate, man, and you just want to vote like you can write your own name in there, but like the action of going to vote is so important.”