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Newsweek, Suckered by Trump, Grudgingly Corrects Thanksgiving Story

Newsweek, Suckered by Trump, Grudgingly Corrects Thanksgiving Story

It’s Thanksgiving, and we have the usual holiday stories: the Pilgrims, Turkey pardons, how to talk to your reprobate #deplorable parents, and how President Trump is failing the nation by not observing Thanksgiving correctly.

Jake Tapper is offended that Trump is visiting Afghanistan, where we’ve been at war for 18 years.

Tommy Christopher (I know, but still) demonstrates that he can’t tell when he’s being trolled when “Team Trump” on Twitter objects to a Trump’s-head-on-Rocky’s-body meme being called “doctored,” saying there’s “no evidence.”

Best of all, however, is Newsweek’s story today. This is the author’s tweet, which preserves the original headline (but is not the original tweet, as I explain below):

(That’s a screenshot in case this tweet disappears.)

As you can imagine, the comments are vicious.


Of course, what really happened is that Trump, maintaining apparently perfect operational security, flew from Florida to Joint Base Andrews, changed places with no press access to Air Force One, and flew to Afghanistan.

Newsweek did eventually do a story on what really happened: PRESIDENT TRUMP PAYS SURPRISE VISIT TO U.S. TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN

And the original story was revised, first with an update:

And then with a new headline.

But … the funny thing is that the tweet above is not the original tweet, which was getting massively ratioed:

So it seems that the original tweet was deleted, concealing the ratio, but then retweeted preserving the original headline.

Which seems actively misleading. Like fake news.

Maybe it’s just me.

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