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Caucus Chairman: Midterms Could be for Dems Like 2010 Rout was for GOP

tom crowley caucus chairman gives interview

WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the House Democratic Caucus declared in a Capitol Hill press conference today that Democrats' enthusiasm heading into midterms is comparable to Republicans' enthusiasm before the 2010 Tea Party rout.

"Where we are today, it's very similar to where Republicans were in 2010 when they took back the House of Representatives. In terms of the enthusiasm of Democrats, it is off the charts right now, and compared to enthusiasm of Republicans back in 2010," said Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.).

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll this week showed Democrats' advantage on the generic congressional ballot shrinking among registered voters, from an average 7-8 point lead to 4 points. When the sample was widened to respondents of voting age but not registered to vote, Democrats' lead expanded to 10 points.

Crowley predicted "we'll continue to see this go up and down."

"I think what's really interesting, as well, is the enthusiasm for this tax bill that they passed. The tax scam is losing its steam, losing its enthusiasm with that, as well," the chairman said, adding that he feels "very confident, one, in the caliber of individuals we have running for Congress throughout this country, the number of women that are running for the first time in record numbers, the number of scientists that are running in record numbers for the first time, veterans, former prosecutors who are running as Democrats, because they know what's at stake."

"They know that the future of our nation is at stake. And that's how critical winning this election is in November."

Caucus Vice-Chairwoman Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) stressed that the Mueller investigation "must continue," because "you cannot pursue a case for impeachment without the underlying factual basis for that impeachment."

"And we are confident that if the independent counsel is allowed to move forward, that we will have facts in hand at some point and can make a determination then," Sanchez said.

Crowley added that "it's critically important for Democrats to win back the House of Representatives, because I don't believe that this House is conducting proper oversight of the executive branch across the board."

"That's part of our charge. Part of it is a legislative charge; the other part is oversight, a check and balance on the executive," he said. "And that simply isn't happening under Republican control of the House and the Senate."