Election 2020

Rep. Mia Love Widens Lead Again; Sorry About That, Donald

Republican U.S. Rep. Mia Love (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Incumbent Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah increased her lead over challenger Ben McAdams even further on Monday, which is bad news for the anti-Pelosi faction of Democrats who included his name as a “Member Elect” in their letter committing to not voting for Nancy as speaker.

Then again, Mia Love probably won’t vote for her either, so I guess it’s a wash.

Also, it’s apparent bad news for President Trump, who already danced on Love’s political grave the day after the election in his haste to claim that the only losers are people who didn’t love him enough.

Love is now up by about 1,516 votes, or 0.58 percentage points. On Saturday, she was only up by 419. Which means on Saturday they were still in recount territory, but now her lead is outside that margin.

The deadline for certification in Utah is Tuesday of this week, or about 24 hours from now.

The votes left to be counted are in Salt Lake, and McAdams has held the majority there, but it will require a huge majority of the remaining ballots to go his way in order to make up the deficit and also be outside a recount margin when the results are certified.

It’s something that looks increasingly less likely, and a third term for Love seems just about secured. Which makes both the anti-Pelosi Democrats and Donald Trump look like they jumped the gun pretty embarrassingly.

Sorry about that, Donald. And Ben.