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SHOCK: Email Says Chinese Energy Company Loaned Biden Family Millions — Interest-Free

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Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski has released a statement regarding the laptop emails the NY Post and now others have been reporting on for the past week, that name him. He says they are 100% genuine, and according to the statement, Bobulinski will make more information available “in the immediate future.”

The emails Bobulinski is set to release are not from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. Bobulinski is providing and verifying those independently.

According to the statement, Bobulinski has witnessed Hunter Biden “frequently referenced asking [Joe] for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals we were discussing.”

This flatly contradicts Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed Hunter Biden’s business deals with the likes of Burisma or any other entity. Bobulinski also says the laptop email references to “the Big Guy” are references to Joe Biden.

Bobulinski is making good on his promise to release more relevant documents. Thursday he released the following email, in which Zhao Runlong, of China’s CEFC China Energy Company Limited, asks about loaning the Biden family, identified as “BD family” in the email, millions of dollars. According to his LinkedIn profile, Runlong is CEFC’s chief interpreter.

The email, from Runlong addressed to Bobulinski and cc’d to a handful of others, specifically and clearly spells out loan amounts and scenarios from the Chinese firm to the Biden family. “Chairman Ye” in point 1 appears to refer to Ye Jianming, CEFC’s founder and chairman. Ye reportedly has ties to China’s military and intelligence community.

Screenshot of email provided by former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski.

Point 2 is the focus. In that point, Runlong asks about $10 million in “charter capital” sent to the Biden family, of which $5 million is an “interest-free loan” to the Bidens. Runlong also asks about the possibility of loaning more money to the Biden family, which would be subject to interest at an unspecified rate.

Screenshot of email from CEFC’s Zhao Runlong to former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski.

The email is dated 7/26/2017.

The astonishing email clearly implicates the Biden family as a recipient of millions of dollars, interest-free, from a Chinese firm that has reportedly been an instrument of China’s anti-U.S. foreign policy through the “Belt and Road” program.

One of the most bizarre figures in this Foreign Policy change in the Czech Republic was Ye Jianming, the Chairman of CEFC China Energy, a nominally private Chinese company trading in oil which presented itself as serving the national interest and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Ye, a “secretive tycoon” who has since been detained by Chinese authorities in 2018 and faces as yet undisclosed charges, was named by President Zeman as a “Special Economic Adviser” in 2015. Ye and CEFC began drawing attention in the Czech Republic that year with an unprecedented buying spree in which the company snatched up a cluster of properties and businesses, including Slavia Praha (one of the country’s best football clubs with a history of over one hundred years), a brewery, several historic buildings in Prague, and a stake in the Central European Investment Group J&T.

Ye was a complete mystery. When he became Zeman´s adviser, little was known about him and his company even in China.

A year later he emerged as No. 229 on the Fortune Global 500, described as “a rare powerful private player aligned with the Chinese government.” Ye Jianming´s CEFC was active around the globe (Central Asia, Georgia, Israel, Portugal, Some Countries in Africa) always doing business through political contacts.

More at the link. The barest of vetting on the Bidens’ part would have turned up Ye’s and CEFC’s links to the Chinese government in 2017, when these deals were on the table, if they were interested in avoiding financial connections to the hostile communist regime.

Since that time, Jianming and CEFC have become involved in a major financial scandal in China. The South China Morning Post described CEFC as “one of China’s most aggressive deal-makers” in a report on the scandal in August 2019.

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