Election 2020

Biden Ad: America Has Never Lived Up to Its Ideals

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Can you lead a republic you fundamentally dislike? And can you persuade a majority of voters that you should lead a country that you believe is not and never was great?

These are questions Joe Biden is posing to Americans as the 2020 election reaches its climax.

On Wednesday evening, the Biden campaign released the following soundbite as an ad on social media.

Saying that America has “never” lived up to its ideals is insulting to millions, from the soldiers who won the Civil War, to the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and defeated the Nazis, to the black Americans who fought for and won their civil rights. It betrays a fundamental misunderstanding and misreading of the American story and the context in which this country was founded, and how it has seen spreading peace and freedom throughout the world as its national mission. America defeated the totalitarian Soviet Union, freeing millions from the yoke of communism. Is this not but one of many examples of how America is great and how it has lived up to its ideals?

No other country is founded on such lofty ideals as those expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. No other country has even attempted to carry those ideas from paper into the real world as the United States of America has and, God willing, will continue to.

Biden should be asked about the quote and why he chose to turn it into an ad, during tonight’s final presidential debate. The moderator will not ask him about it, and that’s a shame. The American people deserve to know what Joe Biden really thinks about them and this country.

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