Election 2020

[VIDEO] CNN's Brian Stelter Loses It, Compares Trump to a 'Dear Leader' Dictator as He Departs Walter Reed for the White House

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Many in the mainstream media could not conceal their suspicion/glee/hectoring attitudes when President Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID. While it seems like all that happened ages ago, and perhaps it did in 2020 time, it was only about 72 hours ago and Trump has already left Walter Reed Hospital to return to the White House. He looks and sounds fine.

As POTUS was departing the famed medical center, CNN’s Brian Stelter watched live along with Wolf! Blitzer. Stelter compared the 74-year-old president to the worst of the earth’s dictators. Wolf! had no response. Watch the video.

And also watch the video in the top tweet. Trump is leaving the hospital after tangling with a virus that has reportedly killed over 200,000 Americans. Some dope reporter just really wants to know if the president believes he’s now a virus super-spreader.

You can’t make the mainstream media’s malevolence up.

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