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VIDEO: The One Where Joe Biden Says 'I Lost My Line' in the Middle of a Softball Interview

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden seems to be very confused. In this interview with Telemundo’s Noticias, Biden promises that if elected he will freeze deportations of illegal immigrants/aliens for the first 100 days of his presidency.

Why 100 days, and not 10 or 1000? Eh, because. We’re not supposed to think too hard about these completely made up, arbitrary deadlines politicians throw out. They supposedly sound good.

Actually they sound phony, but don’t tell pro handlers that. It’s one of their go-to tricks.

And why just unilaterally trash the law about deportations and “importations” like this? Because Biden thinks it benefits him to say so.

That’s bad enough. People who are here illegally are not supposed to vote. Is he admitting something against his party’s naked political interests?

But in a weird moment, as he’s delivering what is supposed to be a conversational answer to a question, Biden suddenly flies off the rails like a creaky old roller coaster maintained by a runaway carnival barker. Take a look.

His derailing hits at about the 17-second mark.

Weird, right? Biden is running along and then he looks off to the side, almost as if he’s asking someone off-camera if he got his answer right and gets a cookie. Then when he looks back he apparently forgets where he was on the screen he’s looking at.

Which means yes, Biden is using a teleprompter just to get through softball interviews.

PJ Media’s Matt Margolis noticed this trick a few days back. Now it’s popped up again, raising all kinds of questions, including:

  1. Why is Joe Biden using a teleprompter in interviews with alleged media?
  2. Are media aware of and cooperating with this charade?
  3. Why are media cooperating with this fraud on the American people?
  4. Why is Joe Biden using a teleprompter in interviews with alleged media?

I know I asked that fourth one twice. It’s important.

Because it looks an awful lot like Biden is already a sock puppet controlled by someone off-screen.

For real.

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