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Why Didn't Joe Biden Say Anything About Washington, D.C.'s Attempt to Mess With the Washington Monument?

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Pull up Google (or another search engine of your choice) and seek Joe Biden’s comments on, or reaction to, Washington, D.C.’s attempt to “remove, rename or contextualize” the Washington Monument.

Go ahead. If you find anything, please post it in the comments below.

A full 24 hours after Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) enthusiastically announced her intention to carry forward the DCFACES committee’s recommendation to remove or otherwise mess with numerous monuments and memorials around the city, the Democrat nominee for the American presidency has not said a single word about it.

Silence is violence, right? What then is silence about the nation’s capital’s attempt to cancel the nation’s founders?

Biden delivered a rambling press conference Wednesday, in which he discussed schools reopening, slammed Trump over masks, and called for a universal approach to the coronavirus. News of D.C.’s attack on monuments throughout the city was already making headlines all over the country.

Here’s a transcript of the press conference. Biden is not asked and says nothing about the Washington Monument issue.

While Joe hasn’t said a word, Bowser must’ve gotten blowback. She has silently walked her attack on the nation’s founding back. What was a 24-page report recommending doing violence to a slew of statues, monuments, and parks, including the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument, is now a 23-page report.

The deleted page was the one with the most egregious language. It’s down the memory hole, and the media are doing what they do best: covering up Democrat overreaches and admissions that many of them despise our country.

While all this high-profile scrambling is going on, where’s Joe?

My colleague Stacey Lennox reports he’s headed to Kenosha, Wisc., a day after President Trump’s successful visit to the city, which has been torn up by left-wing anti-police riots after the shooting of Jacob Blake, who at the time had a warrant for third-degree felony sexual assault out against him (and a restraining order mandating that he could not be where he was that day). Biden will not meet with people whose lives and livelihoods have been upended or destroyed in the riots. He’ll meet with Blake’s family members.

That’s a play to the far left, after Trump made a positive play for everyone else.

Democrats haven’t lost Wisconsin since Nixon. Why does Joe think he needs to go there now?

Biden infamously took nearly three months to denounce the riots that have plagued Portland, Seattle, and other cities as Democrat mayors have either allowed or even encouraged those riots (as did his own vice presidential nominee, back in June).

When leadership mattered and a comment or two could have saved lives and property, Biden was silent and Harris suggested the “protests” should continue.

Biden is now silent while the far left of the party he allegedly leads trashes our national symbols in our nation’s capital city. This is a big deal.

Canceling the founders is canceling the founding.

Bowser’s DCFACES committee is her doing. It’s her idea. Her office created this committee while rioters were pulling statues down in cities all over the country. This week they reported to Bowser their recommendation to tear down, or “contextualize” from the left-wing point of view, our nation’s founding, including the Washington Monument.

Canceling the founders cancels America itself.

Yet the man who wants to be president of America has nothing to say about it.

In this case, silence is a scandal.

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