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No Malarkey: Biden's 'Unity' Platform Shows Conclusively That He's Already Bernie's and AOC's Puppet.

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Earlier this week, Joe Biden released his “Unity” platform. Unity should mean compromise. All the factions should have given up something to gain an overall, broad agreement. But Biden’s platform is not that.

My colleague Stacey Lennox has teased just some of its more radical proposals, such as the utter destruction of suburban America that its housing policies would force.  That the Democrats would force — force, not persuade, but force — millions of Americans back into urban living while Democrat-dominated cities are also defunding police, giving our cities over to anarchy, and while a pandemic renders our cities yet more vulnerable and dangerous is not merely bad policy. It’s vicious and insane. Biden’s housing policy is more radical, even than Barack Obama’s was, because he has surrendered it to the far left.

Take Biden’s energy policy. He won the Democratic primary largely by being the only candidate who appeared to be viable in a national election. He’s unexciting but the brand thinking was that he’s basically a Honda Accord. Not flashy, but reliable. Sen. Bernie Sanders generates energy on the party’s left flank, but he is a hard-bitten leftist who never held a private sector job, got himself tossed out of a commune for being a layabout, and who loves Castro and socialism/communism. Sanders is well outside the mainstream. Likewise Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC wins in her very narrowly drawn, very liberal New York congressional district. She could not win a statewide election in New York at this point, never mind a national one. She is well outside the mainstream, often embarrassing herself on social media without having the self-awareness to realize it.

But not only did Biden elevate the extremist socialist to his campaign, he made AOC his top climate adviser, along with John Kerry.

Neither Kerry nor AOC could win a national election. Kerry has already proven as much. As for AOC, she championed the Green New Deal, a retrograde throwback to state-run economics that would, among other things, destroy America’s energy independence and force every single building in the United States to undergo a radical energy overhaul to somehow achieve “net zero” emissions. All while neglecting several unavoidable aspects of converting the world’s largest economy, by force, to solar and wind power while emerging China chugs along powered by much more reliable and cheaper oil and coal. Those include an unimaginable and frankly impossible levels of mining to extract the rare earth minerals necessary to build solar cells and the batteries that all “renewable” energy use. The Green New Deal would also force Americans to stop eating meat, among other extreme and loony proposals. When it came up for a vote in Congress, it racked up a whopping zero. But in Biden’s mind, the Green New Deal is a viable and reasonable path forward now?

All of this is to say, Biden’s “unity” platform did not persuade the Democrats’ hard left to move to the center at all. It’s a platform that calls for an extreme and radical transformation of the American way of life down past the roots. It would weaken the United States and end up empowering the likes of China (which, with Biden, is yet another significant and disturbing issue — if he cannot stand up to Sanders, why would anyone believe he could stand up to Xi?).

Simply put, the “unity” platform proves Biden’s inherent weakness and lack of leadership. He has never been a policy leader during his decades in the Senate. His effort at unity demonstrates that he has not and will not suddenly develop the leadership qualities Americans need in a president.

It’s typical for a candidate in a primary to tack to the party’s base in the primary before moving to the center for the general election once the primary is secured. Biden is doing the opposite. He won the primary by presenting himself as the centrist alternative to the likes of Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, and others farther to his left. This week he gave away his entire policy platform to Sanders. He gave his climate agenda to the extreme (and extremely intolerant and uninformed) AOC. He even handed over gun policies to Beto O’Rourke, who during the primary declared “Hell yes, I’m coming after your guns!”

Biden is not now campaigning to keep the center. He has surrendered housing, economic, energy, and Second Amendment policy to those he defeated in the Democratic primary, and in doing so he has become the radical left’s puppet.

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