Election 2020

Battle in 'Bama: Tuberville Wins Alabama Senate Republican Primary Runoff In A Walk

AP Photo/Kim Chandler

Former Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions faces off against former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville in tonight’s runoff to determine which of them advances to the general election in the fall.

Sessions’ path to the runoff has been circuitous. One of President Donald Trump’s early administration appointees, Sessions has faced withering fire from the president he once served over his handling of the Mueller probe. That probe, based on Democrat-funded inventions from a foreign agent that partisan federal agents tried to turn into federal case, fueled leftwing cable news fever swamps and dogged the Trump administration across its first three years. Some on the left continue to pretend that Russia collusion was real to keep hounding the president and confusing low-information voters.

Sessions recused himself from the investigation paving the way for Robert Mueller’s appointment to lead it. Trump neither forgives nor forgets. Sessions has had to take the incoming verbal artillery while professing that he supports Trump, because not doing so would have prevented him from getting even to the runoff.

In the other corner is the popular football coach, Tommy Tuberville, who led Auburn to a perfect season. Crimson Tide fans may never forgive him for that, but he’s in the runoff.

UPDATE: Tuberville wins easily.

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