Election 2020

[UPDATE: Looking Good for a GOP Win!] Results of Special Election to Replace Katie 'The Hairbrusher' Hill and Her Power Throuple

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) won this seat in 2018, but resigned in disgrace after nude photos of her brushing the hair of her House office staffer surfaced at PJ’s sister site RedState. Hill was having a three-way affair with that staffer and her then legislative director, Graham Kelly — which violated House ethics rules — and all while Hill was in the midst of divorcing her husband. How do people find enough time in the day for all that drama?

Since that time, some in the media have attempted to turn Hill into the victim, despite the fact that she did exactly what she was accused of and admitted to it. Hill was never the victim, unless you consider narcissists to be victims of their own selfish mentality. The nude photos didn’t help. Neither did the texts.

Tonight, voters in California’s 25th Congressional District vote on Hill’s replacement. Republican and combat pilot veteran Mike Garcia and Democrat Christy Smith square off in the toss-up race, the results of which probably won’t be known for several days thanks to California’s inability to govern itself. You can follow the special election action right here.

UPDATE: Fox says things look good in this race, the Wisconsin special and Trump outperformed 2016 in Nebraska’s primary. By a lot.