Election 2020

Democrats Prep to Blame Trump for the Coronavirus Economy

President Trump. Source: Ninian Reid / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Politico reports on the least surprising story of the day. The Democrats, some of whom called President Trump a racist, fear-mongering xenophobe when he shut off travel to and from China, are now prepping to blame him for what coronavirus has done to the economy.

Priorities USA, one of the main Democratic super PACs opposing Trump, has begun airing TV ads in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan attacking Trump for his response to Covid-19. Guy Cecil, the group’s chairman, said Priorities will continue “in the short term” to “use the president’s own words” to focus on “where early decisions [on the coronavirus response] had significant impact on what’s happening today.”

Longer term, Cecil said, “the economy and health care, which for most Americans is interconnected, are the central issues in 2020.”

Former Clintonista Robert Reich makes an appearance to make the case that Americans will see things in a whole new light and embrace Big Government. That’s his one trick, literally his take on every single issue. In this case, sure, millions of out-of-work Americans are waiting on those stimulus checks. Many are livid that communist China has ruined the world. But many are also fed up with government-ordered shutdowns and are livid about the pork the Democrats prioritized in the stimulus packages. The Kennedy Center’s millions play a starring role to them. The Democrats just can’t help themselves.

There’s no debating that COVID-19 will impact the elections. The question is how. The president so far has mostly followed the lead of his top scientists as new information has come in. Are Democrats faulting him for that? Of course they are, and they would fault him if he didn’t. He has also left the shutdown orders to the states. Are Democrats faulting him for that? Of course they are, and they would fault him if he didn’t.

Left out of any of the Democrats’ thoughts: holding China accountable for its actions.

Also left out: What the Democrats would do differently. We do know that they denounced the travel ban and generally despise the same US corporations and manufacturers Trump has brought into the COVID-19 war effort.