Election 2020

CNN's #ClimateTownHall Does the Nation a Great Service

Socialists in love on CNN

Did you watch any of the CNN #ClimateTownHall and Democrat telethon Wednesday night? If you didn’t, congratulations! You are a smart and normal human being.

If you did, you saw a spectacle the likes of which we can only hope CNN or MSNBC repeats again very soon. Because it was an awful, terrible, no good night for the Democrats.

Some ways in I took a break from enjoying my life to tune in and caught Sen. Amy Klobuchar opining on fossil fuels and the economy. Frankly, I’d thought she already dropped out of the race, but there she was. The RCP average has her at 0 in the polls, and she has 0 on the charisma scale and 0 knowledge of how our economy works. The Minnesota senator, who has zero path to the nomination, went all-in on the Democratic Party’s belief that now is the time to destroy America’s energy dominance and double down on a whole lot of bad ideas. She promoted “environmental justice,” by which she meant destroying our thriving economy and kicking you, American voter, out of your job.

On Twitter, I opined:

It wasn’t an exaggeration. Democrats threatened to stop fracking, force a switch to wind and solar that we’re technologically not ready for (and which does and will require lots of mining), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren pushed a bizarre idea to remake the U.S. economy to punish any company that makes a billion dollars or more, just because.

My tweet must’ve struck a nerve because it went mildly viral (thanks, Kurt Schlichter, for the retweet!) to the point I started to fear some jerk at Bloomberg News might mine my tweets to take one out of context.

Here’s just a sample of what Democrats who poll above zero said on CNN.

Biden didn’t know where he was or what he was doing next. But he had a red eye for some reason.

Sen. Kamala Harris claimed a power that as president she would never have, but as a senator, she at least has a say.

And she enthusiastically wants to ban plastic straws.

Warren’s gotta Warren.

Bernie hearts eugenics and wants you to pay for it.

Others picked up on that one. But no Democrat criticized it.

Warren again.

Robert Francis O’Rourke implicitly pledged to relocate Texas’ largest city, Houston. Would he move all 3 million out the Permian Basin?

He also explicitly wants to confiscate your guns.

And Bernie the Bolshevik pledged to destroy America’s newfound energy dominance.

That’s just a sample. Oh, I almost forgot this one.

We should all find someone who looks at us the way these two look at each other under the glaring lights of the CNN echo chamber.

Seriously, if you see all of the above — which is just a sample — and vote for any of these people for any office at any level, it’s on you. If you like Venezuela, voting for any of them will bring you a whole lot of Venezuela.

Thank you, CNN, just for letting these people talk. Do it again next week? Please?